Top web series in the world

Top web series in the world

Web series happens to be the new cult in the ongoing digital age where people of all age groups watch different web series to entertain themselves. Today web series from different genres are not just entertaining the audience but making them informed, enthralled and amazed. And, why this trend is catching up so swiftly is primarily because the ease associated with watching the web series on Smartphones or Computers lets the audience save precious time and provides a greater degree of comfort in enjoying premium digital content straight in their home instantly. So please don’t wait but quickly watch these top five web series in the world that have the true potential to leave you spellbound.

Money Heist

Top web series in the world - Money Heist

Segregated into different seasons and volumes this popular Spanish Crime Drama initially launched in 2017 shows a robbery that begins with a group of robbers known by the names of different global cities as they plan and execute this infamous robbery ultimately stealing away 984 million Euros from Monarchical Mint of Spain. What’s more revealing in the first and second part is that in the run-up to this heist the group loses three of its members and that the first season ends up with Raquel meeting the professor again in a place called Palawan in the Philippines. The next season is even more twisting and is all about the continuation of robbery in yet another premier institution named Bank of Spain with a bloody intention of plundering Gold being carried out with the recruitment of some new members. In this season is unveiled several societal human aspects that weigh on the unity of the team allegedly crusading into the immensely guarded bank. While the current third season being obsessed with action-oriented scenes is increasingly turning out to be the endpoint of what can be said an intriguing plot centered around the immoral mission being executed against the administrative system emanating in the wake of any economic turmoil a country could be facing.

Stranger Things

Top web series in the world - Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the most popular web series based on a mix of horror and science fiction-driven elements. This series begins by exhibiting the disappearance of Will in the first season as a result of the alleged paranormal portal that a local national laboratory has developed. The scenes that follow are centered around finding Will in an attempt made by Will’s mother Joyce and the police chief Jim Hopper in collaboration with Eleven, a psychokinetic girl. The events that unfold subsequently lead to the rescue of Will. But what is striking as reflected in the latter season is the fact that most people of Hawkins start witnessing the supernatural trouble of a similar kind due to the consequence of a primitive animosity of the US. So, to know more about the ending and the climax, you must watch this impeccably directed web series. All in all the sequential events that gradually pan out make Stranger Things one of the top five series in the world that is worth watching.


Top web series in the world - Narcos

If you want to see how and to what extent drug rackets affect the lives of many and jeopardize the blossoming prospects of a country then you should watch Narcos, a web series which is based on the life of a Colombian Drug King Pablo Escobar who markets Cocaine in Colombia. With the second season showcasing Pablo’s death, and the third season exhibiting Gilberto taking over the empire of Pablo and deciding that the cartel has resolved to leave the existing Cocaine business and get into newer legal ventures, Narcos successfully exhibits the rise of a drug mafia and the events that materialize in the aftermath of mafia’s death thereby making Narcos as one of the top five series in the world and making it worthwhile to watch.


Top web series in the world - Daredevil

Coming from the production house of Marvel Television, Daredevil showcases the deep roots of criminals and people associated with the Underworld undermining the roots of NewYork administration to tackle which Matt Murdock, who is a lawyer in daytime fights as a vigilante at night in the guise of Daredevil owing to his great senses. In the next season, Matt Murdock is leading a balanced life where the real suspense gets unfolded when Matt confronts another vigilante who kills people with far more dread. In addition, the third season has in store a twistier situation that lands Matt into a situation where he has to decide on whether to emerge out of his Daredevil image and disclose his identity in the fight against an Underworld King Wilson Frisk or remain undercover. To explore what happens next you must watch the Daredevil web series as this qualifies to be pegged as one of the top five series in the world.


Top web series in the world - Sense8

Sense8 is one of the top five web series in the world based on the psychic link eight different strangers have with one another. What is so striking and appealing in this web series is the fact that these eight sensates can easily communicate with one another by sharing mental and emotional links. In the initial part of this web series, the sensates try to find as to how they are connected with each other followed by a chain of events showcasing the events wherein Whispers, another sensate tries to bring the other sensates into captivity and eventually killing them down. After most sensates get friendly with one another Jonas gets into the captivity of Whispers but the things turn the other way round when Whispers and Jonas both are trapped and used as a consideration in exchange for information. What happens next is indeed pretty twisting thereby appealing to all the viewers to continue enjoying this sci-fi web series till its last minute.