What is a smart door lock device and how to install it?

What is a smart door lock device and how to install it?

A smart home is incomplete without a smart door lock. It won’t only enable you to lock and unlock your door with ease using your smartphone but will also monitor who is entering and leaving your house even when you are not at home. There are a few models that allow you to open and close your home doors using smartphones and some even give special privileges to family and friends. A few models also allow you to give voice commands from other smart home devices.

What to consider before buying a smart door lock?

The first thing that you need to consider is the budget. A smart lock is way more expensive than a standard lock you buy from a hardware store. Some smart locks are available in the 100 dollars range. In case you are looking for a lock, which can be controlled from anywhere with tamper alarms, email notifications, voice commands, then you will have to pay somewhere between $200 to 300.

There are a few mobile applications that allow you to unlock and lock doors with just a tap. There are a few web apps that allow you to control the doors from your PC as well. A lot of apps allow you to add temporary and permanent users and set schedules for selected days and times.

In case you are using a Bluetooth lock, then you need to be within the range of 40 feet in order to communicate with it. If your smart door lock has a Wi-Fi bridge or Wi-Fi circuitry, then you can control it from anywhere in the world if it is connected to the home router. Please ensure that your lock has activity logs that give you the information of who has entered and exited from your house. The latest smart locks have auto-locking, geofencing, and voice activation features. It becomes easier to lock and unlock a door using voice activation. You just have to give a command to your phone to unlock the door and it will get unlocked.

How to Install a Smart Lock?

It is very easy to install a smart lock. A lock has an exterior component and interior escutcheon. You will be required to remove your old lock along with the strike plate and deadbolt mechanism. In this process, you just have to remove the two bolts that attach the exterior component to the interior escutcheon and remove the two pieces.

The new smart locks have pre-drilled holes, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of making new holes. Moreover, there are locks that you attach to the inside of the door and are created to use your deadbolt hardware and existing keyed cylinder. This means you just have to remove the interior escutcheon. The uninstallation of the old lock and installation of a new one will not take more than 25 minutes.