Which sport is best for career?

Which sport is best for career?

Having a career in sports sounds pretty dreamy, right? However, it is possible for the passionate sports players out there to make a career in sports. The life of a professional sports player can be extremely intense. This includes long workout sessions, a lot of physical work, consuming a lot of calories, etc. Nevertheless, all this can turn out to be highly rewarding. If you want to make a career in sports, then read below. Here, we are going to talk about some high-paying professional sports disciplines that can help you know which sport is best for career.

1) Professional basketball player

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If you are crazy about basketball and want to make a career in this field, then you have made a great decision for yourself. When you compete as a professional basketball player, then you get to play a lot more than scheduled games. Professional basketball players have intense weight training sessions so that they can meet the demand of competitive games.

Players practice with their team members on a regular basis. The NBA session includes regular-season games as well as playoffs. Professional basketball players have a challenging travel schedule apart from the physical demands of the sport. The average salary of an NBA basketball player is $7,916,644 in 2021. Hence, they are the highest-paid athletes. NBA roasters have less number of players in comparison to football and baseball teams, enabling franchises to invest more resources to recruit players. Some players sign contracts so that they get compensation even if they get injured or removed from the team. Without a doubt, this sport is best for career.

2) Professional baseball players

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Major league baseball players have introduced a strong off-season training program to improve flexibility and strength. The MLB season has 162 games and many rounds of playoffs. Therefore, players have to cope up with a tiring schedule of travel. A lot of people say that hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things in sports and you are required to practice batting skills as well for maintaining an edge continuously.

The average annual salary of an MLB player is 4.4 million dollars. With a powerful union, players are given the security of guaranteed contracts and a good pension program. Nevertheless, minor league players get a lower compensation i.e., between $400 and $700 per week. Moreover, there is no guarantee that they will make it into the major league team. If you are a sportsperson, then this sport is best for career.

3) Professional hockey player

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If you want the best career in sports, then hockey is the sport for you. Hockey players are required to maintain a high level of conditioning to play games that are physically exhausting. In the last few years, off-season condition needs have increased for players that are able to withstand a tiring 82-game schedule and many rounds of playoffs. During practice drills, skills like shooting, puck handling, and skating get more refined. Most of the professional hockey players in Canada and the United States play in minor leagues. NHL team players have an average salary of $1.54 million to $3.32 million. These teams have a relatively small roster size of 23 players and the revenue is equally distributed between players and owners.

4) Professional football player

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Football league players engage themselves in sports that require athletes to collide at a really fast pace. When it comes to strategy making, this sport is more complicated than every other sport. Players are required to study and master huge playbooks to prepare for potential tough game situations.  Also, injuries are pretty common in this sport and players spend a lot of time in physical therapy and other treatment to repair the damage.

Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to traumatic brain injuries. Now, NFL has put a limit on player contact at the time of practice. The average length of a career in the NFL is only 3.3 years. NFL is the most lucrative and popular sport in America. NFL players are given a lower compensation in comparison to other sports. The average salaries of NFL players are somewhere between $2.05 million to $4.71 million. Hence, this sport is best for career.

5) Sports broadcaster

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This is probably the best career in sports. They prepare for broadcast by studying and researching the performance of athletes. Also, they share stories of personal interest. The emergence of radio networks and sports television such as Fox Sports and ESPN has provided many opportunities for hosts on news broadcasts, sports highlights, and sports talk shows. Great hosts handle the current sporting trends. They also introduce an element of humor in their broadcast. Successful broadcasters earn millions of dollars in a year. However, a huge majority get a modest compensation as they work in less prominent positions.

6) Coach in Sports

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The role of a coach and their compensation may vary a lot by the level of competition e.g., professional, minor league, college, and high school. The job of a coach is to organize and run practice sessions for developing and strengthening the skills of a player and strategies. They also analyze the weaknesses and strengths of opponents and how to match up with their team and devise plans to improve the performance.

The coaches encourage sportsmanship and motivate players. Head coaches supervise, train, and select assistance coaches. Coaches in top 25 colleges earn millions of dollars a year. Also, they have lucrative endorsement deals on the side. The highest-paid NFL coaches earn around 12 million dollars a year. So, if you are looking for the best career in sports, then you can go for coaching.