Giphy Video Downloader is a dedicated e-platform that has numerous entertaining videos for people visiting regularly. And guess what could add a muscle to the Giphy Videos Collection? Yes, you can download your Giphy videos just for free simply by using as the most effective Giphy Video Downloader. So, just take a look at the complete guide aimed at taking you through the entire step-by-step procedure of downloading your favorite Giphy videos.

How to Download From Giphy

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Copy the Giphy Video

For Desktop

Step 1: Just click on your internet browser’s icon to get it opened.

Step 2: After opening the browser, search and play the Giphy video you like the most for downloading.

Step 3: When the Giphy platform is playing your favorite Giphy video, simply drag the pointer of your mouse on the address bar and select the Copy option visible after right-clicking on the highlighted address. To execute the copy option in an alternative way, just press CTRL+C buttons jointly after selecting the Giphy Video URL.

For Mobile

Step 1: Go on to find the internet browser in your Smartphone and tap on it.

Step 2: Find your favorite Giphy video on and allow it to play.

Step 3: Now place the tapping finger on the address bar of the page where your favorite Giphy video is played and chose the Copy option thereafter.

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Paste the Giphy Video

Step 1: Now hop onto another tab of your internet browser and launch the LiveDownloading application by typing and finally pressing the Enter button.

Step 2: Moving ahead, just give a right-click on the search bar and choose the Paste option visible therein. You can also resort to pressing the CTRL+V buttons jointly as another way of pasting the earlier copied URL of the Giphy Video.

Step 3: All you need at this juncture is to press the Download button after making sure that your Giphy video is available for downloading by the viewers in general.

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Choose the video format

Step 1: You would be amazed to know that the LiveDownloading platform has numerous downloadable formats in its range to cater to all the viewers at large.

Step 2: You should now resort to clicking on the big Download button to see the list of all downloadable formats with a specific Download button just adjacent to the specific format.

Step 3: Here you should finally decide the unique format in which you wish to download your favorite Giphy video.

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Download the Giphy Video

Now when all the series of steps have been executed by you, you can finally click on the specific Download button to get the Giphy video downloaded using the LiveDownloading application as an effective Giphy Video downloader. As soon as the download gets over, you can switch to watching your favorite Giphy video offline.

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