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From videos on health-centric drives to footage over medical awareness campaigns, has all the latest to cater to the entire fraternity of patients and health workers. This unique specialty of the Mercola web portal often stimulates viewers to download their preferred Mercola videos using LiveDownloadingPortal as the most sought Mercola Video downloader. So in an attempt to download your favorite Mercola video, you can refer to the following Mercola Video Downloading guide to have a rich downloading experience.

How to Download From Mercola

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Copy the Mercola Video

For Desktop

Step 1: In one of your browser’s tabs type in and press the Enter button to open the Mercola web server.

Step 2: Play your favorite Mercola video after finding it as a result of navigating through the Mercola portal.

Step 3: Now please note that while the Mercola video you wish to download is being played, click on the entire web address of the Mercola video followed by right-clicking on it. Then press CTRL+C keys simultaneously to copy the link of your favorite Mercola Video.

For Mobile

Step 1: Quite similar to downloading Mercola video on computer, tap on the icon of your browsing application to begin downloading Mercola Video on your Smartphone. Then type in and press the Enter key to open the homepage of the Mercola web portal.

Step 2: At this moment, search and play your preferred Mercola Video as the next step forward to download the Mercola Video.

Step 3: And don’t forget to tap the Mercola Video address bar in a bid to select the Copy option thereafter.

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Choose the video format

Step 1: To give a unique downloading experience, LiveDownloadingPortal has so much to offer in the form of a multitude of formats for downloading Mercola Video in your desired format.

Step 2: As you happen to click on the big Download button, you are bound to see a wide range of downloadable formats with a specific Download button provided alongside the hyperlink of each format.ats with every such format provided with a specific Download button alongside.

Step 3: At this stage, be ready to click on the specific Download button after finalizing the format in which you really wish to get your Mercola Video downloaded.

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Choose the video format

Step 1: There are several format options available to a user on the LiveDownloading page. You can download your video in any format you like.

Step 2: A lot of format choices will open up before you when you will click on the “Download” button.

Step 3: Select the format in which you wish to download your Mercola video.

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Download the Mercola Video

Once you are done with following the prior steps for downloading your preferred Mercola Video, click on the Download button to start downloading your Mercola Video. As and when the download gets over, it will result in one copy of your Mercola Video getting saved on your computer. Now you can continue watching your favorite Mercola Video a number of times without feeling any requirement of accessing the internet.

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