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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

He's the best there is! (Actually, he's the only one there is.)

He's Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Jim Carrey is on the case to find the Miami Dolphins' missing mascot and quarterback Dan Marino. He goes eyeball to eyeball with a man-eating shark, stakes out the Miami Dolphins and woos and wows the ladies. Whether he's undercover, under fire or underwater, he always gets his man… or beast!

Release Date : 04 Feb, 1994
Duration : 1h 26m
Comedy Adventure
Vote Average : 6.5 Vote Count : 4,869 Popularity : 30.375

Top Billed Casting

  • Jim Carrey

    Jim Carrey

    Ace Ventura


  • Courteney Cox

    Courteney Cox

    Melissa Robinson


  • Sean Young

    Sean Young

    Lt. Lois Einhorn


  • Tone Loc

    Tone Loc



  • Noble Willingham

    Noble Willingham



  • Dan Marino

    Dan Marino



  • Troy Evans

    Troy Evans

    Roger Podacter


  • Raynor Scheine

    Raynor Scheine



  • Udo Kier

    Udo Kier

    Ron Camp


  • Frank Adonis

    Frank Adonis



  • Tiny Ron Taylor

    Tiny Ron Taylor



  • John Capodice

    John Capodice

    Sgt. Aguado


  • Alice Drummond

    Alice Drummond

    Mrs. Finkle


  • Rebecca Ferratti

    Rebecca Ferratti

    Sexy Woman


  • Mark Margolis

    Mark Margolis

    Mr. Shickadance


  • Randall 'Tex' Cobb

    Randall 'Tex' Cobb

    Gruff Man


  • Bubba Baker

    Bubba Baker

    Toothless Giant


  • Robert Deacon

    Robert Deacon

    Redneck #1


  • Greg Finley

    Greg Finley



  • David Margulies

    David Margulies



  • Judy Clayton

    Judy Clayton

    Martha Mertz


  • Bill Zuckert

    Bill Zuckert

    Mr. Finkle


  • Antoni Corone

    Antoni Corone

    Reporter #1


  • Chaz Mena

    Chaz Mena

    Another Cop


  • Alex Webster

    Alex Webster

    Thrasher Band 'Cannibal Corpses'


  • Paul Mazurkiewicz Jr.

    Paul Mazurkiewicz Jr.

    Thrasher Band 'Cannibal Corpses'


  • Jack Owen

    Jack Owen

    Thrasher Band 'Cannibal Corpses'


  • Vince Cecere

    Vince Cecere

    Stadium Vendor


  • Cassidy McMillan

    Cassidy McMillan

    Nurse's Assistant


  • Michelle Russo

    Michelle Russo

    Fan Catching Football




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America