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All About Lily Chou-Chou

All About Lily Chou-Chou

Pain can take you in prison. The ether can set you free.

Charts the troubled teenage years of students Yūichi Hasumi and Shūsuke Hoshino, exploring the shifting and complex power dynamics of their relationship against the backdrop of Yūichi's love for the dreamy and abstract music of fictional pop star Lily Chou-Chou.

Release Date : 06 Oct, 2001
Duration : 2h 26m
Drama Crime
Vote Average : 7.221 Vote Count : 147 Popularity : 19.722

Top Billed Casting

  • Hayato Ichihara

    Hayato Ichihara

    Yūichi Hasumi


  • Shûgo Oshinari

    Shûgo Oshinari

    Shūsuke Hoshino


  • Yu Aoi

    Yu Aoi

    Shiori Tsuda


  • Ayumi Ito

    Ayumi Ito

    Yōko Kuno


  • Takao Osawa

    Takao Osawa

    Tabito Takao


  • Ryo Katsuji

    Ryo Katsuji

    Terawaki Shioske


  • Tomohiro Kaku

    Tomohiro Kaku

    Masashi Tadano


  • Issey Takahashi

    Issey Takahashi

    Ikeda Senpai


  • Kazusa Matsuda

    Kazusa Matsuda

    Sumika Kanzaki


  • Takahito Hosoyamada

    Takahito Hosoyamada

    Kentarō Sasaki


  • Chiyo Abe

    Chiyo Abe

    Shizuko Hasumi


  • Izumi Inamori

    Izumi Inamori

    Izumi Hoshino


  • Miwako Ichikawa

    Miwako Ichikawa



  • Anri Ban

    Anri Ban

    Noriko Izawa


  • Takako Baba

    Takako Baba

    School nurse


  • Yoji Tanaka

    Yoji Tanaka

    Teru Onda


  • Yoriko Kitahara

    Yoriko Kitahara

    Masumi Shōji


  • Shinji Higuchi

    Shinji Higuchi



  • Kaori Fujii

    Kaori Fujii

    School nurse




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