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Babylon 5: In the Beginning

Babylon 5: In the Beginning

Londo Mollari, the Centauri Emperor, recounts the initial contact between the Humans and Minbari, which resulted in a major incident and subsequent war, for an eager pair of youngsters wanting a story about love and conflict.

Release Date : 04 Jan, 1998
Duration : 1h 34m
Action Science Fiction Adventure
Vote Average : 7.255 Vote Count : 102 Popularity : 6.764

Top Billed Casting

  • Bruce Boxleitner

    Bruce Boxleitner

    John J. Sheridan


  • Mira Furlan

    Mira Furlan



  • Richard Biggs

    Richard Biggs

    Stephen Franklin, M.D.


  • Andreas Katsulas

    Andreas Katsulas



  • Peter Jurasik

    Peter Jurasik

    Londo Mollari


  • Theodore Bikel

    Theodore Bikel



  • Reiner Schöne

    Reiner Schöne



  • Michael O’Hare

    Michael O’Hare

    Lt. Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair (archive footage)


  • Robin Atkin Downes

    Robin Atkin Downes



  • J. Patrick McCormack

    J. Patrick McCormack

    General Lefcourt


  • Tricia O'Neil

    Tricia O'Neil

    Earth Alliance President


  • Robin Sachs

    Robin Sachs



  • James Patrick Stuart

    James Patrick Stuart

    Presidential Aide


  • Jacob Chase

    Jacob Chase

    Luc Deradi


  • Erica Mer

    Erica Mer

    Lyssa Deradi


  • Jason Ross-Azikiwe

    Jason Ross-Azikiwe

    Captain Sterns


  • Justin Carroll

    Justin Carroll

    Lexington Communications Officer


  • Tim Colceri

    Tim Colceri

    Captain Jankowski


  • Pancho Demmings

    Pancho Demmings

    Alpha 7


  • Steven Ford

    Steven Ford

    Prometheus First Officer


  • Mio R. Jakula

    Mio R. Jakula

    Ganya Ivanov


  • Nick Jameson

    Nick Jameson

    Minbari Pilot


  • T.J. Kennedy

    T.J. Kennedy

    General Fontaine


  • Claudia Christian

    Claudia Christian

    Susan Ivanova (uncredited)


  • Michael York

    Michael York

    David 'Arthur' McIntyre (arcive footage, uncredited)


  • Jeffrey Willerth

    Jeffrey Willerth

    Kosh (uncredited)

    (Visual Effects)

  • Ardwight Chamberlain

    Ardwight Chamberlain

    Kosh / Ulkesh (voice)


  • Mark Rafael Truitt

    Mark Rafael Truitt

    Minbari Warrior




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America