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Batman Begins

Batman Begins

Evil fears the knight.

Driven by tragedy, billionaire Bruce Wayne dedicates his life to uncovering and defeating the corruption that plagues his home, Gotham City. Unable to work within the system, he instead creates a new identity, a symbol of fear for the criminal underworld - The Batman.

Release Date : 10 Jun, 2005
Duration : 2h 20m
Action Crime Drama
Vote Average : 7.692 Vote Count : 18,417 Popularity : 41.234

Top Billed Casting

  • Christian Bale

    Christian Bale

    Bruce Wayne / Batman


  • Michael Caine

    Michael Caine

    Alfred Pennyworth


  • Liam Neeson

    Liam Neeson

    Henri Ducard / Ra's al Ghul


  • Katie Holmes

    Katie Holmes

    Rachel Dawes


  • Gary Oldman

    Gary Oldman

    James Gordon


  • Cillian Murphy

    Cillian Murphy

    Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow


  • Tom Wilkinson

    Tom Wilkinson

    Carmine "The Roman" Falcone


  • Rutger Hauer

    Rutger Hauer

    William Earle


  • Ken Watanabe

    Ken Watanabe

    Decoy Ra's al Ghul


  • Morgan Freeman

    Morgan Freeman

    Lucius Fox


  • Gus Lewis

    Gus Lewis

    Bruce Wayne (Age 8)


  • Emma Lockhart

    Emma Lockhart

    Rachel Dawes (Age 8)


  • Mark Boone Junior

    Mark Boone Junior

    Arnold Flass


  • Linus Roache

    Linus Roache

    Thomas Wayne


  • Larry Holden

    Larry Holden

    Carl Finch


  • Colin McFarlane

    Colin McFarlane

    Gillian B. Loeb


  • Christine Adams

    Christine Adams



  • Vincent Wong

    Vincent Wong

    Old Asian Prisoner


  • Sara Stewart

    Sara Stewart

    Martha Wayne


  • Richard Brake

    Richard Brake

    Joe Chill


  • Gerard Murphy

    Gerard Murphy

    Judge Faden


  • Charles Edwards

    Charles Edwards

    Wayne Enterprises Executive


  • Tim Booth

    Tim Booth

    Victor Zsaz


  • Rade Šerbedžija

    Rade Šerbedžija

    Homeless Man


  • Risteard Cooper

    Risteard Cooper

    Captain Simonson


  • Andrew Pleavin

    Andrew Pleavin

    Uniformed Policeman #2


  • Jo Martin

    Jo Martin

    Police Prison Official


  • Shane Rimmer

    Shane Rimmer

    Older Gotham Water Board Technician


  • Jeremy Theobald

    Jeremy Theobald

    Younger Gotham Water Board Technician


  • Jack Gleeson

    Jack Gleeson

    Little Boy


  • Jon Foo

    Jon Foo

    League of Shadows Warrior (uncredited)


  • Spencer Wilding

    Spencer Wilding

    League of Shadows Warrior


  • Dave Legeno

    Dave Legeno

    League of Shadows Warrior


  • Khan Bonfils

    Khan Bonfils

    League of Shadows Warrior


  • Mark Strange

    Mark Strange

    League of Shadows Warrior


  • Grant Guirey

    Grant Guirey

    League of Shadows Warrior


  • Rodney Ryan

    Rodney Ryan

    League of Shadows Warrior


  • Dean Alexandrou

    Dean Alexandrou

    League of Shadows Warrior


  • Hayden Nickel

    Hayden Nickel

    James Gordon Jr.


  • Catherine Porter

    Catherine Porter

    Blonde Female Reporter / Assassin


  • John Nolan

    John Nolan

    Douglas Fredericks


  • Karen David

    Karen David

    Courthouse Reporter #1


  • Jonathan D. Ellis

    Jonathan D. Ellis

    Courthouse Reporter #2


  • Tamer Hassan

    Tamer Hassan

    Faden's Limo Driver


  • Tom Wu

    Tom Wu

    Bhutanese Prison Guard #1


  • Ronan Leahy

    Ronan Leahy

    Uniformed Policeman #1


  • Mark Chiu

    Mark Chiu

    Bhutanese Prison Guard #2


  • Turbo Kong

    Turbo Kong

    Enormous Prisoner


  • Sai-Kit Yung

    Sai-Kit Yung

    Chinese Police Officer


  • Chike Chan

    Chike Chan

    Chinese Police Officer


  • Tenzin Clive Ball

    Tenzin Clive Ball

    Himalayan Child


  • Tenzin Gyurme

    Tenzin Gyurme

    Old Himalayan Man


  • Jamie Hayden

    Jamie Hayden

    Stocky Chinese Man


  • David Murray

    David Murray

    Jumpy Thug


  • John Kazek

    John Kazek

    Dock Thug #2


  • Darragh Kelly

    Darragh Kelly

    Dock Thug #3


  • Patrick Nolan

    Patrick Nolan

    Dock Cop #1


  • Joseph Rye

    Joseph Rye

    Dock Cop #2


  • Kwaku Ankomah

    Kwaku Ankomah

    Dock Cop #3


  • Timothy Deenihan

    Timothy Deenihan

    Male Restaurant Guest


  • Lucy Russell

    Lucy Russell

    Female Restaurant Guest


  • David Bedella

    David Bedella

    Maitre D


  • Flavia Masetto

    Flavia Masetto

    Restaurant Blonde #1


  • Emily Steven-Daly

    Emily Steven-Daly

    Restaurant Blonde #2


  • Martin McDougall

    Martin McDougall

    Gotham Dock Employee


  • Noah Lee Margetts

    Noah Lee Margetts

    Arkham Thug #1


  • Joe Hanley

    Joe Hanley

    Arkham Thug #2


  • Karl Shiels

    Karl Shiels

    Arkham Thug #3


  • Roger Griffiths

    Roger Griffiths

    Arkham Uniformed Policeman


  • Stephen Walters

    Stephen Walters

    Arkham Lunatic


  • Richard Laing

    Richard Laing

    Arkham Chase Cop


  • Matt Miller

    Matt Miller

    Gotham Car Cop #3


  • Alexandra Bastedo

    Alexandra Bastedo

    Gotham Society Dame


  • Soo Hee Ding

    Soo Hee Ding



  • Conn Horgan

    Conn Horgan

    Monorail Driver


  • Phill Curr

    Phill Curr

    Transit Cop


  • John Judd

    John Judd

    Narrows Bridge Cop


  • Sarah Wateridge

    Sarah Wateridge

    Mrs. Dawes


  • Charlie Kranz

    Charlie Kranz

    Basement Club Manager


  • Terry McMahon

    Terry McMahon

    Bad Swat Cop #1


  • Cedric Young

    Cedric Young

    Liquor Store Owner


  • Tom Nolan

    Tom Nolan



  • Leon Delroy Williams

    Leon Delroy Williams



  • Roger Yuan

    Roger Yuan

    Hazmat Technician


  • Joe Sargent

    Joe Sargent

    Narrows Teenager #1


  • Mel Taylor

    Mel Taylor

    Narrows Resident


  • Ilyssa Fradin

    Ilyssa Fradin

    Barbara Gordon


  • Jeff Christian

    Jeff Christian

    Driving Cop


  • John Burke

    John Burke

    Arkham Lunatic Cell Mate


  • Alex Moggridge

    Alex Moggridge

    Arkham Asylum Orderly


  • Earlene Bentley

    Earlene Bentley

    Arkham Asylum Nurse


  • Jay Buozzi

    Jay Buozzi

    Asian Man / Ra's al Ghul


  • Jordan Shaw

    Jordan Shaw

    African Boy In Rags


  • Omar Mostafa

    Omar Mostafa

    Falafel Stand Vendor


  • Patrick Pond

    Patrick Pond

    Opera Performer #1 Faust (Bass)


  • Poppy Tierney

    Poppy Tierney

    Opera Performer #2 Margaret (Soprano)


  • Rory Campbell

    Rory Campbell

    Opera Performer #3 Mefistofele (Tenor)


  • Fabio Cardascia

    Fabio Cardascia



  • Mark Rhino Smith

    Mark Rhino Smith

    League of Shadows Warrior


  • Ruben Halse

    Ruben Halse

    League of Shadows Warrior


  • Dominic Burgess

    Dominic Burgess

    Narrows Cop


  • Nadia Cameron-Blakey

    Nadia Cameron-Blakey

    Additional Restaurant Guest #1


  • Mark Straker

    Mark Straker

    Male Restaurant Guest #2


  • T.J. Ramini

    T.J. Ramini

    Crane Thug #1


  • Kieran Hurley

    Kieran Hurley

    Crane Thug #2


  • Emmanuel Idowu

    Emmanuel Idowu

    Narrows Teenager #2


  • Jeff Tanner

    Jeff Tanner

    Bridge Cop


  • Joey Ansah

    Joey Ansah

    League of Shadows Warrior (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United Kingdom






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It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me. Bruce Wayne is constantly tortured by his childhood memories when he witnessed his parents being murdered. Taken under the wing of The League Of Shadows, a deadly ninja assassin army devoted to erasing crime with their own brand of hars...

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i'm beginning to think people only say a movie is good because of it being long and having a good camera. to me the only highlight was cillian murphy's performance. the rest of this was just some dumb, boring trek....

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Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins" shows us exactly how Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) transforms into the caped crusader we all know and love, Batman. Admittedly like many others, even though this is the first entry in the Dark Knight Trilogy, I watched it is as my last one, and that is due to me no...

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‘Batman Begins’ is a strong introduction to the Batman thanks to the magnificent cast and a superb score by Zimmer and Newton Howard. 9/10...

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Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale are at the top of their games with this enthralling interpretation of just how "Batman" came to be. "Bruce", the young sone of the billionaire "Wayne" family finds himself unexpectedly orphaned and is soon aimlessly bumming his way around Asia. It's when he encou...