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Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

Mind Over Mayhem

Harley Quinn joins forces with a singer, an assassin and a police detective to help a young girl who had a hit placed on her after she stole a rare diamond from a crime lord.

Release Date : 05 Feb, 2020
Duration : 1h 49m
Action Crime
Vote Average : 7 Vote Count : 8,985 Popularity : 117.926

Top Billed Casting

  • Margot Robbie

    Margot Robbie

    Harleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn


  • Ewan McGregor

    Ewan McGregor

    Roman Sionis / Black Mask


  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead

    Helena Bertinelli / Huntress


  • Jurnee Smollett

    Jurnee Smollett

    Dinah Lance / Black Canary


  • Rosie Perez

    Rosie Perez

    Detective Renee Montoya


  • Chris Messina

    Chris Messina

    Victor Zsasz


  • Ella Jay Basco

    Ella Jay Basco

    Cassandra Cain


  • Ali Wong

    Ali Wong

    Ellen Yee


  • Matthew Willig

    Matthew Willig



  • Dana Lee

    Dana Lee



  • Steven Williams

    Steven Williams

    Patrick Erickson


  • Robert Catrini

    Robert Catrini

    Stefano Galante


  • Daniel Bernhardt

    Daniel Bernhardt

    Sionis' Chauffeur


  • François Chau

    François Chau

    Mr. Keo


  • Miyuki Matsunaga

    Miyuki Matsunaga

    Mrs. Keo


  • Anna Mikami

    Anna Mikami

    Miss Keo


  • Paul Lasa

    Paul Lasa

    Franco Bertinelli


  • Charlene Amoia

    Charlene Amoia

    Maria Bertinelli


  • Ella Mika

    Ella Mika

    Young Helena Bertinelli


  • Derek Wilson

    Derek Wilson

    Tim Evans


  • Bojana Novaković

    Bojana Novaković



  • Andy Hoff

    Andy Hoff

    Erika's Date


  • Bruno Oliver

    Bruno Oliver



  • Michael Masini

    Michael Masini

    Officer Dargo


  • Judy Kain

    Judy Kain

    Bespectacled Secretary


  • David Bianchi

    David Bianchi



  • Rj Wayne

    Rj Wayne

    Tough Guy


  • Eddie Alfano

    Eddie Alfano

    Helena's Bodyguard


  • Simon Rhee

    Simon Rhee

    Cell Guard


  • Sala Baker

    Sala Baker



  • Zack Whyel

    Zack Whyel

    Roman's Healer


  • Ellay Watson

    Ellay Watson

    Roller Derby Fan


  • Karen Teliha

    Karen Teliha



  • Nev Smith

    Nev Smith

    Gotham Detective


  • Greice Santo

    Greice Santo

    Scantily Clad Crystal


  • Zeus Sagittarius

    Zeus Sagittarius

    Roman's Goon


  • Talon Reid

    Talon Reid

    Roman's Goon


  • Matthew Parry-Jones

    Matthew Parry-Jones

    Club Goer


  • Brian Nuesi

    Brian Nuesi



  • Adinett Nsabimana

    Adinett Nsabimana

    Girl at the bar


  • Brandon Garic Notch

    Brandon Garic Notch

    Roman's lift Goon


  • Anthony Molinari

    Anthony Molinari



  • Ego Mikitas

    Ego Mikitas



  • Lenora May

    Lenora May

    Mrs. Marcucci


  • Jeff Lipary

    Jeff Lipary

    BBB Gang Member


  • Brandon Irvin

    Brandon Irvin

    Roman's Goon


  • Damon Hoffman

    Damon Hoffman



  • William Guirola

    William Guirola



  • Nico Greetham

    Nico Greetham

    Young Goon


  • Luis Richard Gomez

    Luis Richard Gomez

    Harley Super Fan


  • Shad Gaspard

    Shad Gaspard

    Lords Leader


  • Julian Garcia

    Julian Garcia

    Roman's Goon


  • Eddie J. Fernandez

    Eddie J. Fernandez

    Gauntlet Cop


  • Mike Ferguson

    Mike Ferguson

    Lord of the Avenue


  • Gerald Downey

    Gerald Downey



  • Jack Dourakos

    Jack Dourakos

    Club Goer


  • Sadyr Diouf

    Sadyr Diouf

    Roman's Goon


  • Joey Courteau

    Joey Courteau

    Club Dancer


  • Dan Cole

    Dan Cole

    Officer Timm


  • Lucas Di Medio

    Lucas Di Medio

    Roman's bodyguard


  • Jason Catron

    Jason Catron

    Sprang Bridge Soldier


  • David Anthony Buglione

    David Anthony Buglione

    Joe Bertinelli


  • Tim Rigby

    Tim Rigby

    RR Passenger


  • Richard King

    Richard King

    Mercedes Gang


  • Oakley Lehman

    Oakley Lehman

    Mercedes Gang


  • Eric Michael Cole

    Eric Michael Cole

    Disgruntled man


  • Dennis Keiffer

    Dennis Keiffer



  • Sam Hargrave

    Sam Hargrave



  • Efka Kvaraciejus

    Efka Kvaraciejus



  • Kofi Yiadom

    Kofi Yiadom



  • Bryan Sloyer

    Bryan Sloyer



  • Christian Womack

    Christian Womack



  • Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom

    Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom



  • Caleb Spillyards

    Caleb Spillyards



  • George Crayton

    George Crayton



  • Terrence Julien

    Terrence Julien

    Cell Guard


  • K.K. Barrett

    K.K. Barrett

    Dr. Aguilar


  • Christine Engh

    Christine Engh

    Elderly Woman


  • Pramod Kumar

    Pramod Kumar

    Irate shopkeeper


  • Shahaub Roudbari

    Shahaub Roudbari

    Smarmy Guy


  • Shawn Balentine

    Shawn Balentine

    Key Card Cop


  • Tim Sitarz

    Tim Sitarz

    Donut Cop


  • Buddy Sosthand

    Buddy Sosthand

    Coffee Cup Cop


  • Chris Carnel

    Chris Carnel

    Desk Sergeant


  • Jesse Bush

    Jesse Bush

    Patrol Cop


  • Charles Carpenter

    Charles Carpenter

    Processing Officer


  • Jeremy Denzlinger

    Jeremy Denzlinger

    Desk Sergeant


  • Keisha Tucker

    Keisha Tucker

    Roller Derby Girl


  • James Henry Williams Jr.

    James Henry Williams Jr.

    Ace Chemical Police Officer


  • Joe Bucaro III

    Joe Bucaro III

    Carlos Rossi


  • Paloma Esparza Rabinov

    Paloma Esparza Rabinov

    Bitchy Teammate


  • David Ury

    David Ury

    Sleazy Breeder


  • Sara Montez

    Sara Montez

    Shallow Friend #1


  • Izabel Pakzad

    Izabel Pakzad

    Shallow Friend #2


  • Kc Strubbe

    Kc Strubbe

    Naïve Teammate


  • Jacky Shu

    Jacky Shu

    Skeptical Teammate


  • Daniel Cole

    Daniel Cole

    Patrol Cop


  • Qiang Li

    Qiang Li





Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






A review by MSB

Written by MSB on 08 Feb, 2020

If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free reviews, please follow my blog @ Since Wonder Woman that the DCEU has not missed a beat. Even though the latter is still my favorite of the universe, I have mostly a positive opinion about Justice League, Aquaman, and Shazam! Yes, t...

A review by kmai01

Written by kmai01 on 16 Feb, 2020

Pretty good Movie, I did not expect Harvey Quinn can kick ass like that. I can see some guy can be turn off this movie because all women hero team. I find it very entertaining and well made....

A review by TalisBriedis

Written by TalisBriedis on 09 Mar, 2020

Garbage. Nothing, and I REALLY MEAN NOTHING good to say about this....

A review by Louisa Moore - Screen Zealots

Written by Louisa Moore - Screen Zealots on 27 Mar, 2020

I really dug “Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)” because it is unlike any movie I’ve seen before. There are the conventional-minded and flashy action scenes that accompany most superhero characters, but this is a violent, R-rated, naughty-joke, potty-mouthed ...

A review by SWITCH.

Written by SWITCH. on 28 Mar, 2020

'Birds of Prey' its absolute thrill ride. It's unapologetically fun and crude and violent. To quote Saoirse Ronan from 'Little Woman'... "Women." - Chris dos Santos Read Chris' full article...

A review by thetoerag

Written by thetoerag on 12 Apr, 2020

I am afraid to say,, but after watching Suicide Squad which was pretty good. This is a let down and I was looking forward to watching it. After watching this I think if there was a plot/story behind the movie, I couldn't see it it was all over the place and nothing seemed to follow. All I can say...

A review by Adishake

Written by Adishake on 22 Apr, 2020

**Very refreshing and funny**, The movie is very different from like any team-up movie I've ever seen, it will make you forget that it's a superhero movie entirely it feels like it's just a crazy movie with criminal minds all over the city moving quite freely in fancy dress until one scene of Black ...

A review by Gimly

Written by Gimly on 19 May, 2020

If COVID-19 ushered cinemas off this mortal coil, I'm kind of strangely okay with telling people this was the last thing I ever got to see on the big screen. _Final rating:★★★★ - Very strong appeal. A personal favourite._...

A review by JPV852

Written by JPV852 on 20 May, 2020

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn was one of the few highlights of Suicide Squad but once this one was announced, I felt indifferent and the trailers didn't do much to change that to the point I skipped this in theaters. Watching it now, I came away shrugging my shoulders. Some of the action scenes, supe...

A review by MovieGuys

Written by MovieGuys on 18 Jun, 2020

Whilst many films have a message its a fine line between informing and lecturing. For me "Birds of Prey" fails to appreciate this distinction. Its incessant, brittle, feminist finger wagging, is downright tiresome and quickly exhausted any sense of pleasure, I might have derived from this film. ...

A review by jw

Written by jw on 06 Aug, 2020

There's boring power fantasies for boys. This is the same boring power fantasy, but for girls. The characters are flat, the action well filmed but inconsequential, the story nonexistent, and the entertainment value... don't be sober if you want to be entertained. In the genre of mindless actio...

A review by Kamurai

Written by Kamurai on 02 Sep, 2020

Average watch at best, might watch again, and can't recommend. There are several ways to look at this movie: 1) From a sequel stand point. 2) From a comics stand point. 3) From a stand alone movie stand point. 1) Sequel stand point THERE IS AN ENTIRE MOVIE MISSING! This is the 3rd part...

A review by Adam Rife

Written by Adam Rife on 08 Sep, 2020

If you found yourself internally screaming for Ryan Reynolds to shut the hell up during Deadpool, then the relentless, zany narration of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn will likely send you gibbering and ruined towards the emergency exit after, oh, 23 seconds....

A review by Ricardo Oliveira

Written by Ricardo Oliveira on 16 Dec, 2020

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey is DC entertainment's latest effort to conquer the territory of film-adapted comics, a different effort with a really interesting idea at its base. Making Harley Quinn the main character in your own movie after shining on the terrible Suicide Squad makes perfect sense, ri...

A review by Kathy Bowing

Written by Kathy Bowing on 21 Jul, 2021

About 'Birds of Prey' writing a lot in principle illegally and unnatural! Tape this clearly does not deserve! After all, the authors and producers completely forgot that people love not only with their eyes but also ears, soul, and brain. And with this love here is clearly stress. Total: an empty b...

A review by CinemaSerf

Written by CinemaSerf on 28 Mar, 2022

Sorry, but this is a really poor attempt at an action film. Margot Robbie is Ok as the feisty heroine from the title, but the rest of the cast are instantly forgettable. I am guessing that Ewan McGregor - the dastardly villain of the piece - was only available for a few filming days as his appearanc...

A review by Nathan

Written by Nathan on 01 Jul, 2022

Birds of Prey starts off incredibly strong, with a fantastic introduction to Harley Quinn and her downfall post Joker break up, but the story starts to fall off the rails towards the end. It was hard to stay engaged in the movie with it jumping around so much due to the unreliable narrator that is H...

A review by Martha

Written by Martha on 26 Jul, 2022

Nonstop mindfu#k journey through the eyes of Harley Quinn. So much fun to see her character arch. Margot makes it so much fun with putting so many little details like facial expressions, the way she delivers lines, and sometimes just her total awkwardness in the moment. Fun film....