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Black Angel

Black Angel

Trapped in an unhappy marriage, the wife of a high ranking Fascist official starts a dangerous, self-destructive relationship with a duplicitous S.S. Officer.

Release Date : 12 Apr, 2002
Duration : 2h 8m
Drama Romance Thriller
Vote Average : 5.125 Vote Count : 47 Popularity : 12.079

Top Billed Casting

  • Anna Galiena

    Anna Galiena

    Livia Mazzoni


  • Gabriel Garko

    Gabriel Garko

    Helmut Schultz


  • Franco Branciaroli

    Franco Branciaroli

    Ugo Oggiano


  • Antonio Salines

    Antonio Salines



  • Simona Borioni

    Simona Borioni



  • Loredana Cannata

    Loredana Cannata



  • Erika Savastani

    Erika Savastani



  • Sabrina Colle

    Sabrina Colle


  • Agostino Nani

    Agostino Nani


  • Giulia De Gresy

    Giulia De Gresy


  • Franco Barbero

    Franco Barbero


  • Eleonora Mazzoni

    Eleonora Mazzoni


  • Ciro Scalera

    Ciro Scalera


  • Maria Pia Colonnello

    Maria Pia Colonnello


  • Alessia Siniscalchi

    Alessia Siniscalchi


  • Maurizio Prudenzi

    Maurizio Prudenzi


  • Conchita Manfroi

    Conchita Manfroi


  • Lele Masiol

    Lele Masiol


  • Giorgia Reberschack

    Giorgia Reberschack


  • Marina Pegoraro

    Marina Pegoraro


  • Giuseppe Rossetto

    Giuseppe Rossetto


  • Susanna Bugatti

    Susanna Bugatti


  • Gianluca Magni

    Gianluca Magni


  • Francesca Tosetti

    Francesca Tosetti


  • Mario Francini

    Mario Francini


  • Lucrezia Andreotti

    Lucrezia Andreotti


  • Gianni Demartiis

    Gianni Demartiis


  • Martina Andreotti

    Martina Andreotti


  • Lorenzo Vitturi

    Lorenzo Vitturi


  • Isabel Vitturi

    Isabel Vitturi


  • Alberto Garbizza

    Alberto Garbizza


  • Jasmine



  • Osiride Pevarello

    Osiride Pevarello


  • Carla Solaro

    Carla Solaro


  • Madame X

    Madame X


  • Monica Del Pup

    Monica Del Pup


  • Claudio Castana

    Claudio Castana


  • Michela Fruet

    Michela Fruet


  • Carlo De Marino

    Carlo De Marino


  • Maria Grazia Morelli

    Maria Grazia Morelli


  • Tony Leone

    Tony Leone


  • Silvana Archiapatti

    Silvana Archiapatti


  • Massimo Sangalli

    Massimo Sangalli


  • Ivana Fontanabona

    Ivana Fontanabona


  • Filippo Belletti

    Filippo Belletti


  • Francesca Piovesan

    Francesca Piovesan


  • Massimo Vanni

    Massimo Vanni


  • Emanuela Del Zampo

    Emanuela Del Zampo


  • Milko D'Angelo

    Milko D'Angelo


  • Silvia Demili

    Silvia Demili


  • Paolo Signora

    Paolo Signora


  • Camilla Ahluvist

    Camilla Ahluvist


  • Jacopo Molina

    Jacopo Molina


  • Lorenzo Branchetti

    Lorenzo Branchetti



  • Lucas Di Medio

    Lucas Di Medio

    SS officer


  • Danilo Maria Valli

    Danilo Maria Valli


  • Tinto Brass

    Tinto Brass


  • Claudio Bernabei

    Claudio Bernabei


  • Roberto Malone

    Roberto Malone


  • Hermann Weiskopf

    Hermann Weiskopf


  • Max Parodi

    Max Parodi


  • Francesco Forte

    Francesco Forte





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