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Carry On Up the Khyber

Carry On Up the Khyber

YOU'RE DRAFTED . . . to enjoy the laughs in the Latest and Funniest

Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond looks after the British outpost near the Khybar pass. Protected by the kilted Third Foot and Mouth regiment, you would think they were safe, but the Khazi of Kalabar has other ideas—he wants all the British dead. But his troops fear the 'skirted-devils, who are rumoured not to wear any underwear.

Release Date : 28 Nov, 1968
Duration : 1h 28m
Adventure Comedy
Vote Average : 6.708 Vote Count : 65 Popularity : 4.735

Top Billed Casting

  • Sid James

    Sid James

    Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond


  • Charles Hawtrey

    Charles Hawtrey

    Private Widdle


  • Bernard Bresslaw

    Bernard Bresslaw

    Bungdit Din


  • Kenneth Williams

    Kenneth Williams

    Khasi of Khalabar


  • Roy Castle

    Roy Castle

    Captain Keene


  • Joan Sims

    Joan Sims

    Lady Joan Ruff-Diamond


  • Peter Butterworth

    Peter Butterworth

    Brother Belcher


  • Terry Scott

    Terry Scott

    Sergeant Major MacNutt


  • Angela Douglas

    Angela Douglas

    Princess Jelhi


  • Cardew Robinson

    Cardew Robinson

    The Fakir


  • Julian Holloway

    Julian Holloway

    Major Shorthouse


  • Peter Gilmore

    Peter Gilmore

    Private Ginger Hale


  • Leon Thau

    Leon Thau



  • Wanda Ventham

    Wanda Ventham

    Khasi's First Wife


  • Alexandra Dane

    Alexandra Dane



  • Michael Mellinger

    Michael Mellinger



  • Dominique Don

    Dominique Don

    Macnutt's Lure


  • Derek Sydney

    Derek Sydney

    Major Domo


  • Steven Scott

    Steven Scott

    Burpa Guard


  • David Spenser

    David Spenser

    Bungdit Din's Servant


  • Patrick Allen

    Patrick Allen

    Narrator (uncredited)


  • Eve Eden

    Eve Eden

    Khasi's Wife


  • Valerie Leon

    Valerie Leon

    Hospitality Girl




Original Language


Production Country

United Kingdom