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Cry Wilderness

Cry Wilderness

A Bigfoot-type creature befriends Paul, a young student. His father is a park ranger trying to capture an escaped tiger. Everyone in town is on edge and wants the tiger killed. David tries to keep Bigfoot a secret.

Release Date : 01 Feb, 1987
Duration : 1h 33m
Fantasy Adventure Family
Vote Average : 2.5 Vote Count : 35 Popularity : 2.817

Top Billed Casting

  • Eric Foster

    Eric Foster

    Paul Cooper


  • Maurice Grandmaison

    Maurice Grandmaison

    Will Cooper


  • John Tallman

    John Tallman



  • Griffin Casey

    Griffin Casey

    Morgan Hicks


  • Faith Clift

    Faith Clift

    Dr. Helen Foster


  • Navarre Perry

    Navarre Perry

    Mr. Douglas


  • Joe Fuzz

    Joe Fuzz



  • Tom Folkes

    Tom Folkes

    Bigfoot / Biker


  • Foster Hood

    Foster Hood

    Red Hawk


  • Gordon Gale

    Gordon Gale

    Mr. Wagoner


  • Don Pugsley

    Don Pugsley



  • Darwyn Swalve

    Darwyn Swalve





Original Language


Production Country

United States of America


A review by Gimly

Written by Gimly on 09 Sep, 2017

Just regular crying for me, thanks. _Cry Wilderness_ is not the absolute worst film I have ever seen, but it is one where I wonder, how is it, that any point, from inception to release, did nobody involved stand up, and actually ask, "What the fuck are we doing here?" Every 10 seconds there is...