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Death Proof

Death Proof

A crash course in revenge

Austin's hottest DJ, Jungle Julia, sets out into the night to unwind with her two friends Shanna and Arlene. Covertly tracking their moves is Stuntman Mike, a scarred rebel leering from behind the wheel of his muscle car, revving just feet away.

Release Date : 22 May, 2007
Duration : 1h 53m
Action Thriller
Vote Average : 6.819 Vote Count : 4,193 Popularity : 19.957

Top Billed Casting

  • Kurt Russell

    Kurt Russell

    Stuntman Mike McKay


  • Zoë Bell

    Zoë Bell

    Zoë Bell


  • Rosario Dawson

    Rosario Dawson

    Abernathy Ross


  • Vanessa Ferlito

    Vanessa Ferlito

    Arlene "Butterfly"


  • Sydney Tamiia Poitier

    Sydney Tamiia Poitier

    Jungle Julia Lucai


  • Tracie Thoms

    Tracie Thoms

    Kim Mathis


  • Rose McGowan

    Rose McGowan



  • Jordan Ladd

    Jordan Ladd



  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead

    Lee Montgomery


  • Quentin Tarantino

    Quentin Tarantino



  • Marcy Harriell

    Marcy Harriell



  • Eli Roth

    Eli Roth



  • Omar Doom

    Omar Doom



  • Michael Bacall

    Michael Bacall



  • Monica Staggs

    Monica Staggs

    Lanna Frank


  • Jonathan Loughran

    Jonathan Loughran



  • Michael Parks

    Michael Parks

    Earl McGraw


  • James Parks

    James Parks

    Edgar McGraw


  • Marley Shelton

    Marley Shelton

    Dr. Dakota Block


  • Helen Kim

    Helen Kim



  • Tina Rodriguez

    Tina Rodriguez



  • Nicky Katt

    Nicky Katt

    Counter Guy


  • Marta Mendoza

    Marta Mendoza

    Punky Bruiser


  • Tim Murphy

    Tim Murphy

    Tim the Bartender


  • Melissa Arcaro

    Melissa Arcaro

    Venus Envy


  • Electra Avellan

    Electra Avellan

    Babysitter Twin #1


  • Elise Avellan

    Elise Avellan

    Babysitter Twin #2


  • Eurlyne Epper

    Eurlyne Epper

    Lanna Frank Friend #1


  • Jamie L. Dunno

    Jamie L. Dunno

    Lanna Frank Friend #2


  • Chris King

    Chris King

    Extra (uncredited)


  • April March

    April March

    April March (voice) (uncredited)


  • Julitta Pourciau

    Julitta Pourciau

    Female Business Class Passenger (uncredited)


  • Amanda Rivas

    Amanda Rivas

    Nurse (uncredited)


  • Kelley Robins Hicks

    Kelley Robins Hicks

    Laquanda (uncredited)


  • Gary Teague

    Gary Teague

    Businessman (uncredited)


  • Tommy Nix

    Tommy Nix

    Bar Patron (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






A review by talisencrw

Written by talisencrw on 16 Jul, 2016

My least favourite Tarantino film by a mile but still solid and great fun. I seriously hope he abandons his wish to only do two more films (after his recent 'The Hateful Eight') and then retire, but chacun son gout, as the French would say, and everyone should be able to do whatever they want as lon...

A review by tmdb23156637

Written by tmdb23156637 on 21 Dec, 2017

I am apparently one of the few who saw "Grindhouse" when it came to town. Great, grisly fun in the theater on the big-screen. A double-feature complete w/ fictional "previews," several of which became feature films themselves ("Machete," and "Hobo with a Shotgun," which wasn't one of the previews sh...

A review by Wuchak

Written by Wuchak on 15 Oct, 2018

A soured stuntman (Kurt Russell) targets young women with his death-proof cars Created by writer/director Quentin Tarantino, “Death Proof” was originally the second part of the double feature called “Grindhouse,” released in 2007. The other movie was “Planet Terror” by Robert Rodrigu...

A review by John Chard

Written by John Chard on 26 Nov, 2019

There are few things as fetching as a bruised ego on a beautiful angel. Warning: Spoilers Death Proof is directed and written by Quentin Tarantino. It's part of a double feature production that Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez released as Grindhouse. With Rodriguez contributing Planet Terror. ...

A review by The Movie Diorama

Written by The Movie Diorama on 16 Jan, 2020

Death Proof evidently illustrates that Tarantino’s thirst for blood will never run out of fuel. The second feature of Rodriguez/Tarantino’s homage to the “Grindhouse” exploitation genre, is one that reeks of petroleum. Emphasising the raucous vehicular mayhem of muscle car extravaganzas that...