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Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

This time it's war!

After the death of his girlfriend's daughter from a drug overdose, Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) takes on the local drug cartel.

Release Date : 11 Jun, 1987
Duration : 1h 39m
Vote Average : 5.735 Vote Count : 217 Popularity : 11.936

Top Billed Casting

  • Charles Bronson

    Charles Bronson

    Paul Kersey


  • Kay Lenz

    Kay Lenz

    Karen Sheldon


  • John P. Ryan

    John P. Ryan

    Nathan White


  • Perry Lopez

    Perry Lopez

    Ed Zacharias


  • George Dickerson

    George Dickerson

    Detective Reiner


  • Soon-Tek Oh

    Soon-Tek Oh

    Det. Phil Nozaki


  • Dana Barron

    Dana Barron

    Erica Sheldon


  • Jesse Dabson

    Jesse Dabson

    Randy Viscovich


  • Peter Sherayko

    Peter Sherayko

    Nick Franco


  • James Purcell

    James Purcell

    Vince Montono


  • Michael Russo

    Michael Russo

    Danny Moreno


  • Danny Trejo

    Danny Trejo

    Art Sanella


  • Dan Ferro

    Dan Ferro

    Tony Romero


  • Mike Moroff

    Mike Moroff

    Jack Romero


  • Michelle Michaels

    Michelle Michaels

    Marilyn - Kersey's Secretary


  • Tom Everett

    Tom Everett

    Max Green


  • Richard Aherne

    Richard Aherne

    The Real Nathan White


  • Carl Ciarfalio

    Carl Ciarfalio

    Henchman at Oil Wells (uncredited)


  • Katrina Holden Bronson

    Katrina Holden Bronson



  • Irwin Keyes

    Irwin Keyes



  • Mitch Pileggi

    Mitch Pileggi

    Lab Foreman


  • Mark Pellegrino

    Mark Pellegrino



  • Ted White

    Ted White

    Karen's Kidnapper


  • Daniel Sabia

    Daniel Sabia

    Al Arroyo


  • David Fonteno

    David Fonteno

    Frank Bauggs


  • Michael Wise

    Michael Wise

    Romero's Hood


  • Tim Russ

    Tim Russ



  • Héctor Mercado

    Héctor Mercado

    JoJo Ross


  • Derek Rydall

    Derek Rydall

    Kid with Long Hair


  • Connie Hair

    Connie Hair



  • Craig Curtis

    Craig Curtis

    White's Chauffeur


  • Margaret Howell

    Margaret Howell

    Rape Victim


  • Gary Rooney

    Gary Rooney

    Masked Man #1


  • J.P. Romano

    J.P. Romano

    Masked Man #2


  • Tony Borgia

    Tony Borgia

    Masked Man #3


  • Charles Robinson

    Charles Robinson



  • Gerald Castillo

    Gerald Castillo

    Lt. Higuera


  • Timothy Dale Agee

    Timothy Dale Agee

    Young Cop


  • Jason Scura

    Jason Scura



  • Linda Bukowski

    Linda Bukowski

    Police Officer


  • David J. Partington

    David J. Partington

    Morgue Attendant


  • Bruce Hensel

    Bruce Hensel

    Dr. Rosenblatt


  • Michael MacDuff

    Michael MacDuff



  • Sheila Gale Kandlbinder

    Sheila Gale Kandlbinder



  • Joan Carangi

    Joan Carangi



  • Noa Scott

    Noa Scott



  • Gretchen van Zeebroeck

    Gretchen van Zeebroeck



  • Gene Bori

    Gene Bori

    Restaurant Owner


  • Robert Axelrod

    Robert Axelrod

    Italian Restaurant Bartender


  • Don Shapiro

    Don Shapiro

    Bus Boy


  • Alan Berger

    Alan Berger



  • Gene LeBell

    Gene LeBell

    Cannery Guard


  • Roydon Clark

    Roydon Clark

    Cannery Worker


  • Dale Robinette

    Dale Robinette

    Sham Cop


  • Russell Solberg

    Russell Solberg

    Police Car Driver


  • Terry Ward

    Terry Ward

    White's Butler


  • Art Frankel

    Art Frankel

    Pool Party Bartender


  • Tyaes Connolly

    Tyaes Connolly

    Party Guest


  • Elizabeth Scherrer

    Elizabeth Scherrer

    Party Guest


  • Debbie Solomon

    Debbie Solomon

    Party Guest




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






A review by Social Justice Sally

Written by Social Justice Sally on 24 Feb, 2017

**Bronson should have shown restraint.** **CONTAINS SPOILERS** To be fair, the bad guy did warn Bronson that he would kill the girl - but Bronson did not listen. He kept on coming at the other guy until the guy delivered his promise and killed the girl. Bronson pushed the guy into it. He _did_...