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Deep Blue Sea 3

Deep Blue Sea 3

Deadlier than ever.

Dr. Emma Collins and her team are spending their third summer on the island of Little Happy studying the effect of climate change on the great white sharks who come to the nearby nursery every year to give birth. Along with the last two inhabitants of this former fishing village, their peaceful life is disrupted when a "scientific" team led by her ex-boyfriend and marine biologist Richard show up looking for three bull sharks who we soon learn aren't just any bull sharks.

Release Date : 25 Aug, 2020
Duration : 1h 40m
Action Horror Science Fiction
Vote Average : 5.731 Vote Count : 236 Popularity : 24.873

Top Billed Casting

  • Tania Raymonde

    Tania Raymonde

    Emma Collins


  • Nathaniel Buzolic

    Nathaniel Buzolic

    Richard Lowell


  • Emerson Brooks

    Emerson Brooks

    Eugene Shaw


  • Bren Foster

    Bren Foster



  • Reina Aoi

    Reina Aoi



  • Alexander Bhat

    Alexander Bhat



  • Siya Mayola

    Siya Mayola



  • Avumile Qongqo

    Avumile Qongqo



  • Brashaad Mayweather

    Brashaad Mayweather



  • Ernest St Claire

    Ernest St Claire



  • DeVille Vannik

    DeVille Vannik





Original Language


Production Country

United States of America




A review by JPV852

Written by JPV852 on 21 Aug, 2020

Better than the lame sequel and this one does have its moments, including the shark killing a character following a valiant speech, but many of the characters were, especially early on, a bit obnoxious being the cliched preachy environmentalist. In addition, performances weren't exactly the best eit...

A review by garethmb

Written by garethmb on 31 Aug, 2020

Following up the events of the 2018 release “Deep Blue Sea 2”; “Deep Blue Sea 3” has arrived on home video and video on demand. The film centers around a small group of researchers on a small floating city off the coast of Africa. The team is headed by Dr. Emma Collins (Tania Raymonde), w...

A review by Tejas Nair

Written by Tejas Nair on 01 Nov, 2020

Not as great as the original movie, which is considered the second-best shark movie since Jaws (1975), Deep Blue Sea 3 still manages to keep you entertained with better CGI, a better plot than the second instalment, and an overall active screenplay that is more about 'sharks on a vengeful killing sp...