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Deep Dark Canyon

Deep Dark Canyon

Shoot. Kill. Run. Hide.

Bloom Towne is a small-town sheriff under the thumb of the well-established, deeply influential Mayor Dick Cavanaugh's family. When Bloom's two teenage sons, Nate and Skylar accidentally shoot and kill Dick during a deer-hunt, Bloom's long-held allegiance to the reigning Cavanaugh clan is tested. Skylar (still a minor) decides to take the wrap for his older brother Nate, claiming he fired the fatal shot. The Cavanaugh family's quick retaliation sends Skylar on his way to county jail, soon to be tried as an adult. Desperate and guilt-ridden, Nate breaks Skylar out of jail and sets off a chain of lawless acts, which send them deep into the woods and on the run. Bloom's choice between the law and his sons leads to revelations of old family secrets that threaten to destroy everything he loves.

Release Date : 23 Apr, 2013
Duration : 1h 30m
Action Drama Thriller
Vote Average : 6.3 Vote Count : 29 Popularity : 4.079

Top Billed Casting

  • Spencer Treat Clark

    Spencer Treat Clark

    Nate Towne


  • Nick Eversman

    Nick Eversman

    Skylar Towne


  • Ted Levine

    Ted Levine

    Bloom Towne


  • Matthew Lillard

    Matthew Lillard

    Jack Cavanaugh


  • Martin Starr

    Martin Starr

    Lloyd Cavanaugh


  • Michael Bowen

    Michael Bowen

    Randy Cavanaugh


  • Greg Cipes

    Greg Cipes

    Guthrie Cavanaugh


  • Justine Bateman

    Justine Bateman

    Cheryl Cavanaugh


  • Abraham Benrubi

    Abraham Benrubi

    Michael Spencer


  • Nicolas Christenson

    Nicolas Christenson

    Tony Cavanaugh


  • Shawn Shultz

    Shawn Shultz

    Harry Cavanaugh


  • Peter Coventry Smith

    Peter Coventry Smith

    Joel Cavanaugh


  • Stacey Travis

    Stacey Travis

    Melanie Cavanaugh


  • Scott Tree

    Scott Tree

    Skip Cavanaugh


  • Blayne Weaver

    Blayne Weaver

    Tom Cavanaugh




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America