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District 9

District 9

You are not welcome here.

Thirty years ago, aliens arrive on Earth. Not to conquer or give aid, but to find refuge from their dying planet. Separated from humans in a South African area called District 9, the aliens are managed by Multi-National United, which is unconcerned with the aliens' welfare but will do anything to master their advanced technology. When a company field agent contracts a mysterious virus that begins to alter his DNA, there is only one place he can hide: District 9.

Release Date : 05 Aug, 2009
Duration : 1h 52m
Science Fiction
Vote Average : 7.43 Vote Count : 8,993 Popularity : 49.314

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Original Language


Production Country

New Zealand


$ 30,000,000


$ 210,800,000


A review by talisencrw

Written by talisencrw on 17 Aug, 2016

This was an outstanding debut by the New Zealander Blomkamp. Consistently enthralling and keeping one at the edge of his seat. THIS is a recent film, like 'Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World', that should have spawned sequels. Much better than his follow-up, 'Elysium' (I haven't watched...

A review by Kamurai

Written by Kamurai on 20 Jul, 2020

Great watch, will watch again, and highly recommended. This has a wonderfully exciting premise: alien refugees on Terra, how Terrans react and how the aliens react. The premise, as delivered, has some odd holes in though: it's specified that all of the crew have died, mysteriously, and no one kn...

A review by AstroNoud

Written by AstroNoud on 16 Jan, 2022

A gritty and original story that is as entertaining as thought-provoking, combining xenophobic satire and political allegory with raucous action. 8/10...

A review by Filipe Manuel Neto

Written by Filipe Manuel Neto on 22 Oct, 2023

**For a low-budget film, it's a good effort.** I'm not a big fan of films about aliens, so the film won't be my cup of tea at all. However, that didn't stop me from seeing it, and appreciating what's good about it. Without a colossal budget or a powerful studio, director Neill Blomkamp gives us a...