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Endless Poetry

Endless Poetry

A portrait of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s young adulthood, set in the 1940s and 50s, in the electric capital city of Santiago. There, he decides to become a poet and is introduced, by destiny, into the foremost bohemian and artistic circle of the time.

Release Date : 23 Mar, 2016
Duration : 2h 10m
Fantasy Drama
Vote Average : 7.533 Vote Count : 153 Popularity : 10.65

Top Billed Casting

  • Adan Jodorowsky

    Adan Jodorowsky



  • Brontis Jodorowsky

    Brontis Jodorowsky



  • Pamela Flores

    Pamela Flores

    Sara / Stella Díaz Varín


  • Leandro Taub

    Leandro Taub

    Enrique Lihn


  • Alejandro Jodorowsky

    Alejandro Jodorowsky

    Old Alejandro


  • Jeremias Herskovits

    Jeremias Herskovits

    Alejandro as a child


  • Julia Avendaño

    Julia Avendaño

    Little Girl


  • Bastián Bodenhöfer

    Bastián Bodenhöfer

    General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo


  • Carolyn Carlson

    Carolyn Carlson

    Maria Lefevre, tarot reader


  • Ali Ahmad Sa'Id Esber

    Ali Ahmad Sa'Id Esber

    Alejandro / Andrés Racz


  • Kaori Ito

    Kaori Ito


  • Carlos Leay

    Carlos Leay

    Angel of death


  • Hugo Marín

    Hugo Marín

    Iris Cafe Old Waiter


  • Felipe Pizarro Sáenz De Urtury

    Felipe Pizarro Sáenz De Urtury

    Young Hugo Marín


  • Felipe Ríos

    Felipe Ríos

    Nicanor Parra


  • Rodrigo Velasquez

    Rodrigo Velasquez

    Police Officer


  • Paula Espinoza

    Paula Espinoza



  • Alejandro Sieveking

    Alejandro Sieveking

    Prophetic Drunkard


  • Clara María Escobar

    Clara María Escobar

    Poor Lady


  • Jorge Magni

    Jorge Magni

    Poets Society President


  • Charles Bustos

    Charles Bustos

    One-armed man


  • Romina Landerer

    Romina Landerer



  • Juan Quezada

    Juan Quezada

    Clown Zanahoria / Circus Ringmaster


  • Félix Venegas

    Félix Venegas

    Truck Driver


  • Lux Pascal

    Lux Pascal



  • Luz María Yacometti

    Luz María Yacometti

    Enrique Lihn's Mother


  • Agustín Moya

    Agustín Moya

    Enrique Lihn's Father


  • Rodrigo Orellana

    Rodrigo Orellana

    Assassinated Worker


  • Miguel Ángel Pérez

    Miguel Ángel Pérez

    Assassin Worker


  • Andrés Cid

    Andrés Cid

    Drunk Man at Cafe Iris


  • Adrián Salgado

    Adrián Salgado

    Clown Lechuga / Balloon Seller


  • Patricio Scaccchi

    Patricio Scaccchi

    Police Clown 1


  • Alfredo Tello

    Alfredo Tello

    Loro Mudo Goon 2


  • Carlos Morales

    Carlos Morales

    Loro Mudo Goon 4


  • Alex Rivera

    Alex Rivera



  • Andrés Cox

    Andrés Cox

    Don Aquiles


  • Raúl López

    Raúl López

    Cafe Iris Second Waiter


  • Andrea Zuckermann

    Andrea Zuckermann



  • Marcelo del Campo

    Marcelo del Campo



  • Carlos Latorre

    Carlos Latorre



  • Maria Gallegillos

    Maria Gallegillos



  • Sergio Monge

    Sergio Monge



  • Matías Orrego

    Matías Orrego





Original Language


Production Country

United Kingdom