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In the beginning...

The Eternals are a team of ancient aliens who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of years. When an unexpected tragedy forces them out of the shadows, they are forced to reunite against mankind’s most ancient enemy, the Deviants.

Release Date : 03 Nov, 2021
Duration : 2h 36m
Science Fiction Action Adventure
Vote Average : 7.043 Vote Count : 6,325 Popularity : 263.733

Top Billed Casting

  • Gemma Chan

    Gemma Chan



  • Richard Madden

    Richard Madden



  • Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie



  • Kumail Nanjiani

    Kumail Nanjiani



  • Barry Keoghan

    Barry Keoghan



  • Lauren Ridloff

    Lauren Ridloff



  • Lia McHugh

    Lia McHugh



  • Brian Tyree Henry

    Brian Tyree Henry



  • Ma Dong-seok

    Ma Dong-seok



  • Salma Hayek

    Salma Hayek



  • Kit Harington

    Kit Harington

    Dane Whitman


  • Harish Patel

    Harish Patel



  • David Kaye

    David Kaye

    Arishem (voice)


  • Bill Skarsgård

    Bill Skarsgård

    Kro (voice)


  • Haaz Sleiman

    Haaz Sleiman



  • Esai Daniel Cross

    Esai Daniel Cross



  • Alan Scott

    Alan Scott



  • Hannah Dodd

    Hannah Dodd



  • Adria Escudero

    Adria Escudero



  • Sebastián Viveros

    Sebastián Viveros



  • Nikkita Chadha

    Nikkita Chadha

    Bollywood Star


  • Grahame Fox

    Grahame Fox

    Kro On-Set Reader


  • Zain Al Rafeea

    Zain Al Rafeea

    Mesopotamian Young Man


  • Alberto Rodríguez

    Alberto Rodríguez

    Mesopotamian Father


  • Lucia Efstathiou

    Lucia Efstathiou

    Natural History Museum Student


  • Derek Horsham

    Derek Horsham

    Ancient Babylon Smuggler #1


  • Jeff Mirza

    Jeff Mirza

    Gupta Hindu Priest


  • Ascension Martinez Rubio

    Ascension Martinez Rubio

    Mesopotamian Grandmother


  • Ozer Ercan

    Ozer Ercan

    Ancient Babylon Smuggler #2


  • Ariadna Vadillo Soto

    Ariadna Vadillo Soto

    Ancient Babylon Farmer


  • Orson Rosenberg

    Orson Rosenberg

    Aztec Child


  • Harry Styles

    Harry Styles

    Eros / Starfox


  • Patton Oswalt

    Patton Oswalt

    Pip the Troll (voice)


  • Brenda Lorena Garcia

    Brenda Lorena Garcia

    Babylon Villager (uncredited)


  • Sebastian Senior

    Sebastian Senior

    Passerby (uncredited)


  • Chloe Stannage

    Chloe Stannage

    Girl (uncredited)


  • Mahershala Ali

    Mahershala Ali

    Eric Brooks / Blade (voice) (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country







A review by MSB

Written by MSB on 08 Nov, 2021

FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ "Eternals boasts evident narrative issues that affect its overall structure and pacing, but Chloé Zhao still manages to deliver a solid MCU installment. Packed with outstanding performances from t...

A review by RADIO1'S MR. MOVIE!-MAD AMI 🌠

Written by RADIO1'S MR. MOVIE!-MAD AMI 🌠 on 04 Dec, 2021

**1ST TIME: "Fun, Albeit A Bit TOO Revisionist.... { & _FANTASTICAL_ }". 2ND VIEWING: I Was Utterly -{ " D A Z Z L E D " }- By Chloé Zhao's VISUAL "MAGIC" ....& Her { _ENTIRE_ } Cast & Crew 🌠** A **-{ _B I G_ }-** Screen Review ; Film Watched **TWICE** . ___________________________________...

A review by T D Heath

Written by T D Heath on 19 Dec, 2021

Large to its own deficit. Enjoyable to its own demise. Emotion is lost in the density of the film much too much is crammed into the time, the viewer cannot feel 10 different emotion for 10 different people in 2h30 it isnt possible the film is structure well and cinematically (no one doubted) beauti...

A review by Peter McGinn

Written by Peter McGinn on 22 Jan, 2022

I found Eternals to be entertaining in the way I often do with superhero movies: the plot and dialogue were sharp enough to keep me interested enough to watch the whole movie, but it did not hold me in thrall so much that I will be watching it again. Let’s face it: unless we are very intelligent o...

A review by James Sprag

Written by James Sprag on 23 Jan, 2022

When I started watching this picture, I did not expect anything supernatural or something new, and as usual with films from the Marvel film studio, it turned out to be right. the authors of the script decided not to break the tradition and, as usual, took the path of least resistance, there are h...

A review by KlassicFilms

Written by KlassicFilms on 28 Jan, 2022

As Simon Cowell would say: That was the worst we've seen all day"...

A review by CinemaSerf

Written by CinemaSerf on 28 Mar, 2022

The premiss here is quite fun - 7,000 years ago a diverse race of immortals arrive on Earth to protect the population from a monstrous race of "Deviants" who are bent on eating us all up. Their "Prime Directive", if you will, is that they must not interfere in human conflict, so once they have clear...

A review by Per Gunnar Jonsson

Written by Per Gunnar Jonsson on 19 Apr, 2022

Although it was nice to watch a Marvel movie which is not just a rehash of the same old universe and which was reasonably woke-free for once this movie was unfortunately pretty meh. It is not as bad as many of the detractors claim but it is miles away from being as good as some of those who liked it...

A review by JPRetana

Written by JPRetana on 28 Aug, 2022

The Eternals have lived on Earth for 7,000 years. That’s a long time, but their movie somehow manages to feel even longer than that. Now, if the Eternals predate the Avengers by a few millennia, and have been actively and openly involved in various periods of human history, where where they during...