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Fun with Dick and Jane

Fun with Dick and Jane

Giving big businesses a run for their money!

After Dick Harper loses his job at Globodyne in an Enron-esque collapse, he and his wife, Jane, turn to crime in order to handle the massive debt they now face. Two intelligent people, Dick and Jane actually get pretty good at robbing people and even enjoy it -- but they have second thoughts when they're reminded that crime can hurt innocent people. When the couple hears that Globodyne boss Jack McCallister actually swindled the company, they plot revenge.

Release Date : 21 Dec, 2005
Duration : 1h 30m
Vote Average : 6.2 Vote Count : 2,022 Popularity : 17.747

Top Billed Casting

  • Jim Carrey

    Jim Carrey

    Dick Harper


  • Téa Leoni

    Téa Leoni

    Jane Harper


  • Alec Baldwin

    Alec Baldwin

    Jack McCallister


  • Richard Jenkins

    Richard Jenkins

    Frank Bascombe


  • Angie Harmon

    Angie Harmon

    Veronica Cleeman


  • John Michael Higgins

    John Michael Higgins



  • Richard Burgi

    Richard Burgi

    Joe Cleeman


  • Carlos Jacott

    Carlos Jacott

    Oz Peterson


  • Aaron Michael Drozin

    Aaron Michael Drozin

    Billy Harper


  • Gloria Garayua

    Gloria Garayua



  • Michelle Arthur

    Michelle Arthur

    Dick's Secretary


  • Stacey Travis

    Stacey Travis

    Jack's Receptionist


  • Timm Sharp

    Timm Sharp

    Jack's Assistant


  • David Herman

    David Herman

    Angry Caller (voice)


  • Gian Franco Tordi

    Gian Franco Tordi



  • Laurie Metcalf

    Laurie Metcalf



  • P.J. Byrne

    P.J. Byrne

    Laughing Executive


  • Clint Howard

    Clint Howard


  • Dempsey Pappion

    Dempsey Pappion

    Production Assistant


  • Knox White

    Knox White

    Sound Technician


  • Walter Addison

    Walter Addison

    Sam Samuels


  • Ralph Nader

    Ralph Nader

    Ralph Nader - Defensive Line Coach


  • Deena Adar

    Deena Adar

    Hysterical Globodyne Employee


  • Jorey Bernstein

    Jorey Bernstein

    Ficus Guy


  • Dilva Henry

    Dilva Henry

    Female Anchor


  • Luis Saguar

    Luis Saguar



  • Rocael Leiva

    Rocael Leiva



  • Peter Breitmayer

    Peter Breitmayer

    Laughing Executive


  • Pete Gardner

    Pete Gardner

    Laughing Executive


  • Kym Whitley

    Kym Whitley

    KostMart Training Leader Lucy


  • Gavin Grazer

    Gavin Grazer

    KostMart Job Applicant


  • Taso Papadakis

    Taso Papadakis

    Gym Manager


  • James St. James

    James St. James

    Scary KostMart Shopper


  • Mary Gillis

    Mary Gillis

    Lactose Intolerant Shopper


  • Esther Scott

    Esther Scott

    Disgruntled KostMart Customer


  • Larry Dorf

    Larry Dorf

    Used Car Salesman


  • Dario Gonzalez

    Dario Gonzalez

    Day Laborer


  • Emilio Rivera

    Emilio Rivera

    Day Laborer


  • Jules Douglas

    Jules Douglas

    Day Laborer


  • Steve Seagren

    Steve Seagren

    Truck Guy


  • Ivar Brogger

    Ivar Brogger

    Research Scientist


  • Clint Howard

    Clint Howard

    INS Agent


  • Jack Conley

    Jack Conley

    INS Agent


  • Huey Redwine

    Huey Redwine

    INS Agent


  • Wayne Flemming

    Wayne Flemming

    Nosy Neighbor


  • Jason Marsden

    Jason Marsden

    Convenience Store Clerk


  • Scott L. Schwartz

    Scott L. Schwartz

    Bigger Convenience Store Clerk


  • Bette Beatrice

    Bette Beatrice

    Elderly Lady with Bags


  • Rick Overton

    Rick Overton

    Head Shop Clerk


  • Kerry Hoyt

    Kerry Hoyt

    Coffee Shop Barrista


  • Kenji Nakamura

    Kenji Nakamura

    Sushi Chef


  • Rikio


    Sushi Chef


  • Brian Tee

    Brian Tee

    Sushi Chef


  • Phil Reeves

    Phil Reeves

    Car Dealer


  • Daniel Espeseth

    Daniel Espeseth

    Ameribanx Security Guard


  • Garrett M. Brown

    Garrett M. Brown

    Ameribanx Bank Manager


  • Stephnie Weir

    Stephnie Weir



  • Peter Weireter

    Peter Weireter

    Police Leader at Ameribanx


  • Norma Fierre

    Norma Fierre

    Naomi Seiler


  • Louis Weinstein

    Louis Weinstein

    Mark Fish


  • Peter Conklin

    Peter Conklin



  • Steve Kehela

    Steve Kehela



  • Rob Nagle

    Rob Nagle

    Concerned Businessman


  • Frankie Levangie

    Frankie Levangie



  • Oliver Muirhead

    Oliver Muirhead

    Account Rep - Grand Cayman Bank


  • Chris Ellis

    Chris Ellis

    Vice President - Grand Cayman Bank


  • Bob Morrisey

    Bob Morrisey

    Authorization Officer Spencer


  • Kevin Ruf

    Kevin Ruf

    Karen Williams' Receptionist


  • Maggie Rowe

    Maggie Rowe

    Karen Williams


  • Tony Lupo

    Tony Lupo

    Cop Outside Grand Cayman Bank


  • Staci Lawrence

    Staci Lawrence

    Female Globodyne Employee


  • Robert Alan Beuth

    Robert Alan Beuth

    Male Globodyne Employee


  • Alejandro Furth

    Alejandro Furth



  • Melissa Barker

    Melissa Barker

    Gym Member (uncredited)


  • Crystal the Monkey

    Crystal the Monkey

    Test Monkey (uncredited)


  • Jeff Garlin

    Jeff Garlin

    Pyramid Tech CEO (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






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**A guide on how to get through during unemployment.** I thought I have seen almost all the films of Jim Carrey, but then I found that's not true, so I decided to start with this. This is a remake of the 70s film or you could say the second screen adaptation of the novel of the same name. I haven...