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Gamera the Brave

Gamera the Brave

Gamera for the boys, the boys for Gamera!

A young boy in a peaceful seaside town gets more than he bargained for when he takes home a mysterious egg. When it hatches, out comes a baby turtle that grows into a new version of Gamera. But will it become powerful enough in time to defeat the rampaging monster Zedus?

Release Date : 11 Nov, 2006
Duration : 1h 36m
Action Adventure Fantasy Science Fiction Family
Vote Average : 7.2 Vote Count : 56 Popularity : 6.929

Top Billed Casting

  • Ryo Tomioka

    Ryo Tomioka

    Toru Aizawa


  • Kaho


    Mai Nishio


  • Kanji Tsuda

    Kanji Tsuda

    Kousuke Aizawa


  • Susumu Terajima

    Susumu Terajima

    Osamu Nishio


  • Kaoru Okunuki

    Kaoru Okunuki

    Harumi Nishio


  • Megumi Kobayashi

    Megumi Kobayashi

    Miyuki Aizawa


  • Shingo Ishikawa

    Shingo Ishikawa

    Ishimaru Ishida


  • Shogo Narita

    Shogo Narita

    Katsuya Ishida


  • Kenjirou Ishimaru

    Kenjirou Ishimaru

    Professor Soichiro Amamiya


  • Tomorowo Taguchi

    Tomorowo Taguchi

    Councilor Yoshimitsu Hitotsugi


  • Bokuzo Masana

    Bokuzo Masana

    Secretary Yuji Tobata


  • Himawari Ono

    Himawari Ono

    Girl carrying red stone


  • Toshinori Sasaki

    Toshinori Sasaki



  • Mizuho Yoshida

    Mizuho Yoshida





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