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Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Nothing like it ever before! The fantastic war of the giant fire monsters!

The altered American release of Godzilla Raids Again. Originally meant to be known as the The Volcano Monsters, the film was eventually released as "Gigantis."

Release Date : 21 May, 1959
Duration : 1h 18m
Action Horror Science Fiction
Vote Average : 6.05 Vote Count : 20 Popularity : 4.187

Top Billed Casting

  • Hiroshi Koizumi

    Hiroshi Koizumi

    Shoichi Tsukioka


  • Keye Luke

    Keye Luke

    Shoichi Tsukioka (voice)


  • Setsuko Wakayama

    Setsuko Wakayama

    Hidemi Yamaji


  • Minoru Chiaki

    Minoru Chiaki

    Kôji Kobayashi


  • Marvin Miller

    Marvin Miller

    Koji Kobayashi / Narrator (voices)


  • Masao Shimizu

    Masao Shimizu

    Dr. Tadokoro


  • Mayuri Mokushô

    Mayuri Mokushô

    Yasuko Inouye, Koji's girl


  • Takeo Oikawa

    Takeo Oikawa

    Osaka Chief of Police


  • Minosuke Yamada

    Minosuke Yamada

    Chief of Civil Defense


  • Takashi Shimura

    Takashi Shimura

    Doctor Yamane


  • Sonosuke Sawamura

    Sonosuke Sawamura

    Foreman Shibeki


  • Yoshio Tsuchiya

    Yoshio Tsuchiya

    Member of Osaka's SDF Tajima


  • Yukio Kasama

    Yukio Kasama

    President of Fishery Koehi Yamaji


  • Paul Frees

    Paul Frees

    Doctor Kyohei Yamane, Commander of Osaka's SDF Terasawa, President of Fishery Koehi Yamaji (voices)


  • Ren Yamamoto

    Ren Yamamoto

    Commander of Landing Craft Ikeda


  • George Takei

    George Takei

    Commander of Landing Craft Ikeda (voice)


  • Seijirô Onda

    Seijirô Onda

    Commander of Osaka's SDF Terasawa


  • Shin Ôtomo

    Shin Ôtomo

    Convict Leader


  • Senkichi Ômura

    Senkichi Ômura



  • Haruo Nakajima

    Haruo Nakajima



  • Katsumi Tezuka

    Katsumi Tezuka





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