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When a powerful satellite system falls into the hands of Alec Trevelyan, AKA Agent 006, a former ally-turned-enemy, only James Bond can save the world from a dangerous space weapon that -- in one short pulse -- could destroy the earth! As Bond squares off against his former compatriot, he also battles Xenia Onatopp, an assassin who uses pleasure as her ultimate weapon

Release Date : 16 Nov, 1995
Duration : 2h 10m
Adventure Action Thriller
Vote Average : 6.9 Vote Count : 3,271 Popularity : 25.844

Top Billed Casting

  • Pierce Brosnan

    Pierce Brosnan

    James Bond


  • Izabella Scorupco

    Izabella Scorupco

    Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova


  • Famke Janssen

    Famke Janssen

    Xenia Onatopp


  • Sean Bean

    Sean Bean

    Alec Trevelyan


  • Joe Don Baker

    Joe Don Baker

    Jack Wade


  • Judi Dench

    Judi Dench



  • Robbie Coltrane

    Robbie Coltrane

    Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky


  • Tchéky Karyo

    Tchéky Karyo

    Defense Minister Dmitri Mishkin


  • Gottfried John

    Gottfried John

    General Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov


  • Alan Cumming

    Alan Cumming

    Boris Grishenko


  • Desmond Llewelyn

    Desmond Llewelyn



  • Samantha Bond

    Samantha Bond

    Miss Moneypenny


  • Michael Kitchen

    Michael Kitchen

    Bill Tanner


  • Serena Gordon

    Serena Gordon



  • Simon Kunz

    Simon Kunz

    Severnaya Duty Officer


  • Pavel Douglas

    Pavel Douglas

    French Warship Captain


  • Olivier Lajous

    Olivier Lajous

    French Warship Officer


  • Billy J. Mitchell

    Billy J. Mitchell

    Admiral Chuck Farrell


  • Constantine Gregory

    Constantine Gregory

    Computer Store Manager


  • Minnie Driver

    Minnie Driver



  • Michelle Arthur

    Michelle Arthur



  • Ravil Isyanov

    Ravil Isyanov

    Mig Pilot


  • Vladimir Milanovich

    Vladimir Milanovich



  • Trevor Byfield

    Trevor Byfield

    Train Driver


  • Peter Majer

    Peter Majer

    Valentin's Bodyguard


  • Kate Gayson

    Kate Gayson

    Casino Girl


  • Simone Bechtel

    Simone Bechtel

    Casino Guest




Original Language


Production Country

United Kingdom






A review by JPV852

Written by JPV852 on 21 Apr, 2020

Really solid entry into the series with Brosnan, who is personally my favorite Bond, is great. The plot is on the thin side but is helped having Sean Bean as the sinister villain and of course Famke Janssen makes for an amazingly sexy psychopath with, ahem, incredible thighs. **4.0/5**...

A review by Wuchak

Written by Wuchak on 02 Jun, 2021

_**The Russia installment, plus Pierce Brosnan’s debut**_ Agent 007 (Pierce Brosnan) returns to Russia to investigate the theft of a space-based electromagnetic pulse weapon, which destroyed a radar facility in Siberia with only one survivor (Izabella Scorupco). Sean Bean plays an MI6 agent, Fa...

A review by mooney240

Written by mooney240 on 22 Oct, 2022

**Goldeneye is the gold standard of spy movies and Bond films.** Goldeneye edges out Casino Royale and Skyfall as my favorite Bond film of all time. After decades of campy James Bond movies like Octopussy and A View to a Kill, Bond felt more like a punchline than a suave master spy. The franchise...