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Three Decades of Life in the Mafia.

The true story of Henry Hill, a half-Irish, half-Sicilian Brooklyn kid who is adopted by neighbourhood gangsters at an early age and climbs the ranks of a Mafia family under the guidance of Jimmy Conway.

Release Date : 12 Sep, 1990
Duration : 2h 25m
Drama Crime
Vote Average : 8.463 Vote Count : 10,363 Popularity : 38.174

Top Billed Casting

  • Ray Liotta

    Ray Liotta

    Henry Hill


  • Robert De Niro

    Robert De Niro

    James Conway


  • Joe Pesci

    Joe Pesci

    Tommy DeVito


  • Lorraine Bracco

    Lorraine Bracco

    Karen Hill


  • Paul Sorvino

    Paul Sorvino

    Paul Cicero


  • Frank Sivero

    Frank Sivero

    Frankie Carbone


  • Tony Darrow

    Tony Darrow

    Sonny Bunz


  • Mike Starr

    Mike Starr



  • Frank Vincent

    Frank Vincent

    Billy Batts


  • Chuck Low

    Chuck Low

    Morris Kessler


  • Frank DiLeo

    Frank DiLeo

    Tuddy Cicero


  • Henny Youngman

    Henny Youngman



  • Gina Mastrogiacomo

    Gina Mastrogiacomo

    Janice Rossi


  • Catherine Scorsese

    Catherine Scorsese

    Tommy's Mother


  • Charles Scorsese

    Charles Scorsese



  • Suzanne Shepherd

    Suzanne Shepherd

    Karen's Mother


  • Debi Mazar

    Debi Mazar



  • Margo Winkler

    Margo Winkler

    Belle Kessler


  • Welker White

    Welker White

    Lois Byrd


  • Jerry Vale

    Jerry Vale



  • Julie Garfield

    Julie Garfield

    Mickey Conway


  • Christopher Serrone

    Christopher Serrone

    Young Henry


  • Elaine Kagan

    Elaine Kagan

    Henry's Mother


  • Beau Starr

    Beau Starr

    Henry's Father


  • Kevin Corrigan

    Kevin Corrigan

    Michael Hill


  • Michael Imperioli

    Michael Imperioli



  • Robbie Vinton

    Robbie Vinton

    Bobby Vinton


  • Johnny Williams

    Johnny Williams

    Johnny Roastbeef


  • Daniel P. Conte

    Daniel P. Conte

    Dr. Dan


  • Tony Conforti

    Tony Conforti



  • Frank Pellegrino

    Frank Pellegrino

    Johnny Dio


  • Ronald Maccone

    Ronald Maccone



  • Tony Sirico

    Tony Sirico

    Tony Stacks


  • Joseph D'Onofrio

    Joseph D'Onofrio

    Young Tommy


  • Steve Forleo

    Steve Forleo

    City Detective #1


  • Richard Dioguardi

    Richard Dioguardi

    City Detective #2


  • Frank Adonis

    Frank Adonis

    Anthony Stabile


  • John Manca

    John Manca

    Nickey Eyes


  • Joseph Bono

    Joseph Bono

    Mikey Franzese


  • Katherine Wallach

    Katherine Wallach



  • Mark Evan Jacobs

    Mark Evan Jacobs



  • Angela Pietropinto

    Angela Pietropinto

    Cicero's Wife


  • Marianne Leone Cooper

    Marianne Leone Cooper

    Tuddy's Wife


  • Marie Michaels

    Marie Michaels

    Mrs. Carbone


  • LoNardo


    Frenchy's Wife


  • Melissa Prophet

    Melissa Prophet



  • Illeana Douglas

    Illeana Douglas



  • Susan Varon

    Susan Varon



  • Elizabeth Whitcraft

    Elizabeth Whitcraft

    Tommy's Girlfriend


  • Clem Caserta

    Clem Caserta

    Joe Buddha


  • Samuel L. Jackson

    Samuel L. Jackson

    Stacks Edwards


  • Fran McGee

    Fran McGee

    Johnny Roastbeef's Wife


  • Paul Herman

    Paul Herman



  • Edward McDonald

    Edward McDonald

    Edward McDonald


  • Edward Hayes

    Edward Hayes

    Defense Attorney


  • Gina Mattia

    Gina Mattia

    Young Henry's Sister #2


  • Joel Calendrillo

    Joel Calendrillo

    Young Henry's Older Brother


  • Anthony Valentin

    Anthony Valentin

    Young Michael


  • Edward D. Murphy

    Edward D. Murphy

    Liquor Cop #1


  • Michael Citriniti

    Michael Citriniti

    Liquor Cop #2


  • Peter Hock

    Peter Hock



  • Erasmus C. Alfano

    Erasmus C. Alfano

    Barbeque Wiseguy


  • John Di Benedetto

    John Di Benedetto

    Bleeding Man


  • Manny Alfaro

    Manny Alfaro

    Gambling Doorman


  • Thomas Lowry

    Thomas Lowry

    Hijacked Driver


  • Margaret Smith

    Margaret Smith

    School Guard


  • Richard Mullally

    Richard Mullally

    Cop #1


  • Frank Albanese

    Frank Albanese

    Mob Lawyer


  • Paul McIsaac

    Paul McIsaac

    Judge - 1956


  • Bob Golub

    Bob Golub

    Truck Driver at Diner


  • Louis Eppolito

    Louis Eppolito

    Fat Andy


  • Tony Lip

    Tony Lip

    Frankie The Wop


  • Mikey Black

    Mikey Black

    Freddy No Nose


  • Peter Cicale

    Peter Cicale

    Pete The Killer


  • Anthony Powers

    Anthony Powers

    Jimmy Two Times


  • Vincent Pastore

    Vincent Pastore

    Man with Coatrack


  • Anthony Alessandro

    Anthony Alessandro

    Henry's 60's crew


  • Victor Colicchio

    Victor Colicchio

    Henry's 60's crew


  • Mike Contessa

    Mike Contessa

    Cicero 60's Crew


  • Philip Suriano

    Philip Suriano

    Cicero's 60's crew


  • Paul Mougey

    Paul Mougey

    Terrorized Waiter


  • Norman Barbera

    Norman Barbera



  • Anthony Polemeni

    Anthony Polemeni

    Copa Captain


  • James Quattrochi

    James Quattrochi

    Henry Greeter #1


  • Lawrence Sacco

    Lawrence Sacco

    Henry Greeter #2


  • Dino Laudicina

    Dino Laudicina

    Henry Greeter #3


  • Thomas E. Camuti

    Thomas E. Camuti

    Mr. Tony Hood #1


  • Andrew Scudiero

    Andrew Scudiero

    Mr. Tony Hood #2


  • Irving Welzer

    Irving Welzer

    Copa Announcer


  • Jesse Kirtzman

    Jesse Kirtzman

    Beach Club Waiter


  • Russell Halley

    Russell Halley

    Bruce's Brother #1


  • Spencer Bradley

    Spencer Bradley

    Bruce's Brother #2


  • Bob Altman

    Bob Altman

    Karen's Dad


  • Joanna Bennett

    Joanna Bennett

    Marie #1


  • Gayle Lewis

    Gayle Lewis

    Marie #2


  • Gaetano Lisi

    Gaetano Lisi

    Paul #3


  • Luke Walter

    Luke Walter

    Truck Driver


  • Ed Deacy

    Ed Deacy

    Detective Deacy


  • Larry Silvestri

    Larry Silvestri

    Detective Silvestri


  • John 'Cha Cha' Ciarcia

    John 'Cha Cha' Ciarcia

    Batts' Crew #1


  • Vito Picone

    Vito Picone



  • Janis Corsair

    Janis Corsair

    Vito's Girlfriend


  • Lisa D’Apolito

    Lisa D’Apolito



  • Frank Aquilino

    Frank Aquilino

    Batt's Crew #2


  • Michael Calandrino

    Michael Calandrino

    Godfather at Table


  • Vito Antuofermo

    Vito Antuofermo



  • Vincent Gallo

    Vincent Gallo

    Henry's 70's Crew


  • Gaetano LoGiudice

    Gaetano LoGiudice

    Henry's 70's Crew


  • Garry Pastore

    Garry Pastore

    Henry's 70's Crew


  • Nicole Burdette

    Nicole Burdette

    Carbone's Girlfriend


  • Stella Keitel

    Stella Keitel

    Henry's Older Child - Judy


  • Dominique DeVito

    Dominique DeVito

    Henry's Baby - Ruth


  • Michaelangelo Graziano

    Michaelangelo Graziano

    Bar Patron


  • Paula Kcira

    Paula Kcira

    Janice's Girlfriend #1


  • Nadine Kay

    Nadine Kay

    Janoce's Girlfriend #2


  • Tony Ellis

    Tony Ellis

    Bridal Shop Owner


  • Peter Onorati

    Peter Onorati

    Florida Bookie


  • Jamie deRoy

    Jamie deRoy

    Bookie's Sister


  • Joel Blake

    Joel Blake

    Judge - 1971


  • H. Clay Dear

    H. Clay Dear

    Security Guard with Lobsters


  • Thomas Hewson

    Thomas Hewson

    Drug Buyer


  • Gene Canfield

    Gene Canfield

    Prison Guard in Booth


  • Margaux Guerard

    Margaux Guerard

    Judy Hill at 10 Years


  • Violet Gaynor

    Violet Gaynor

    Ruth Hill at 8 Years


  • Tobin Bell

    Tobin Bell

    Parole Officer


  • Berlinda Tolbert

    Berlinda Tolbert

    Stacks' Girlfriend


  • Nancy Cassaro

    Nancy Cassaro

    Joe Buddha's Wife


  • Adam Wandt

    Adam Wandt



  • Joe Gioco

    Joe Gioco

    Garbage Man


  • Isiah Whitlock Jr.

    Isiah Whitlock Jr.



  • Alyson Jones

    Alyson Jones

    Judy Hill at 13 Years


  • Ruby Gaynor

    Ruby Gaynor

    Ruth Hill at 11 Years


  • Bo Dietl

    Bo Dietl

    Arresting Narc


  • Frank Cassini

    Frank Cassini

    50's Wiseguy (uncredited)


  • Anthony Caso

    Anthony Caso

    Truck Hijacker (uncredited)


  • Lisa Bostnar

    Lisa Bostnar

    Nickey Eyes' Girlfriend (uncredited)


  • Billy L. Sullivan

    Billy L. Sullivan

    Jimmy's Son (uncredited)


  • Daniela Barbosa

    Daniela Barbosa

    Young Henry's Sister #1




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






A review by John Chard

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