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What if everything you were forced to keep inside was suddenly set free?

Bruce Banner, a genetics researcher with a tragic past, suffers massive radiation exposure in his laboratory that causes him to transform into a raging green monster when he gets angry.

Release Date : 19 Jun, 2003
Duration : 2h 18m
Science Fiction Adventure Action
Vote Average : 5.538 Vote Count : 5,393 Popularity : 27.462

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Original Language


Production Country

United States of America


$ 137,000,000


$ 245,360,480


A review by Cwf97

Written by Cwf97 on 24 Aug, 2017

Ang Lee helped revolutionize superhero related films forever with Hulk (2003). Rather than just have the hero try to save the world, Lee and James Schamus decided to have Bruce Banner deal with his Freudian psychology, specifically the repressed memories he had thirty years ago about his father. ...

A review by lori007101

Written by lori007101 on 20 Aug, 2018

The Green Giant is awakening! As a little baby, the Offspring Bruce Banner Genmanipulativ is changed. Later, as a young man, he is a scientist himself and is employed with gamma radiation. He wants to try to reach scar tissue and injuries, using the radiations, a healing method. Through an accident...

A review by tmdb44006625

Written by tmdb44006625 on 10 Mar, 2019

I mean, what was everyone expecting? They hired a director who does mostly Asian art-house movies to helm a comic book movie about a green monster who smashes things when he gets angry. Of course Ang Lee was going to delve into Freudian concepts, overtones of Greek tragedy, and strange editing choic...