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Ice Age

Ice Age

They came. They thawed. They conquered.

With the impending ice age almost upon them, a mismatched trio of prehistoric critters – Manny the woolly mammoth, Diego the saber-toothed tiger and Sid the giant sloth – find an orphaned infant and decide to return it to its human parents. Along the way, the unlikely allies become friends but, when enemies attack, their quest takes on far nobler aims.

Release Date : 10 Mar, 2002
Duration : 1h 21m
Animation Comedy Family Adventure
Vote Average : 7.337 Vote Count : 11,399 Popularity : 214.143

Top Billed Casting

  • Ray Romano

    Ray Romano

    Manny (voice)


  • John Leguizamo

    John Leguizamo

    Sid (voice)


  • Denis Leary

    Denis Leary

    Diego (voice)


  • Goran Visnjic

    Goran Visnjic

    Soto (voice)


  • Jack Black

    Jack Black

    Zeke (voice)


  • Cedric the Entertainer

    Cedric the Entertainer

    Carl (voice)


  • Stephen Root

    Stephen Root

    Frank / Start (voice)


  • Diedrich Bader

    Diedrich Bader

    Oscar (voice)


  • Alan Tudyk

    Alan Tudyk

    Lenny / Oscar / Dab (voice)


  • Lorri Bagley

    Lorri Bagley

    Jennifer (voice)


  • Jane Krakowski

    Jane Krakowski

    Rachel (voice)


  • Peter Ackerman

    Peter Ackerman

    Dodo / Macrauchenia (voice)


  • P.J. Benjamin

    P.J. Benjamin

    Dodo (voice)


  • Josh Hamilton

    Josh Hamilton

    Dodo / Aardvark (voice)


  • Chris Wedge

    Chris Wedge

    Dodo / Scrat (voice)


  • Denny Dillon

    Denny Dillon

    Glyptodon (voice)


  • Mitzi McCall

    Mitzi McCall

    Glyptodont (voice)


  • Tara Strong

    Tara Strong

    Baby Moeritherium (voice)


  • Darin De Paul

    Darin De Paul

    Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)


  • Dann Fink

    Dann Fink

    Dodo (voice) (uncredited)


  • Patrick Pinney

    Patrick Pinney

    Various Mammals (uncredited)


  • Phil Proctor

    Phil Proctor

    Various Mammals (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






A review by CinemaSerf

Written by CinemaSerf on 14 Aug, 2022

"Manfred" the mammoth is heading north just as just about every other critter is migrating the other way to avoid the harsh winter. Unfortunately for him, he encounters the sleepy-head sloth "Sid" whom he rescues from a pair of rhinos, only to bitterly regret his kindness as this pesky mammal is soo...