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Jaws 2

Jaws 2

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Police chief Brody must protect the citizens of Amity after a second monstrous shark begins terrorizing the waters.

Release Date : 16 Jun, 1978
Duration : 1h 56m
Horror Thriller
Vote Average : 5.943 Vote Count : 1,535 Popularity : 24.226

Top Billed Casting

  • Roy Scheider

    Roy Scheider

    Police Chief Martin Brody


  • Lorraine Gary

    Lorraine Gary

    Ellen Brody


  • Murray Hamilton

    Murray Hamilton

    Mayor Larry Vaughn


  • Joseph Mascolo

    Joseph Mascolo

    Len Peterson


  • Jeffrey Kramer

    Jeffrey Kramer

    Deputy Jeff Hendricks


  • Collin Wilcox Paxton

    Collin Wilcox Paxton

    Dr. Lureen Elkins


  • Ann Dusenberry

    Ann Dusenberry

    Tina Wilcox


  • Mark Gruner

    Mark Gruner

    Michael 'Mike' Brody


  • Barry Coe

    Barry Coe

    Tom Andrews


  • Susan French

    Susan French

    Grace Witherspoon


  • Gary Springer

    Gary Springer

    Andy Nicholas


  • Donna Wilkes

    Donna Wilkes

    Jackie Peters


  • Gary Dubin

    Gary Dubin

    Eddie Marchand


  • John Dukakis

    John Dukakis

    Paul 'Polo' Loman


  • G. Thomas Dunlop

    G. Thomas Dunlop

    Timmy Weldon


  • Keith Gordon

    Keith Gordon

    Doug Fetterman


  • David Elliott

    David Elliott

    Larry Vaughn Jr.


  • Marc Gilpin

    Marc Gilpin

    Sean Brody


  • Billy Van Zandt

    Billy Van Zandt



  • Martha Swatek

    Martha Swatek



  • Gigi Vorgan

    Gigi Vorgan



  • Christine Freeman

    Christine Freeman

    Water Skier


  • April Gilpin

    April Gilpin



  • Kathy Wilson

    Kathy Wilson

    Mrs. Bryant




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






A review by Ian Beale

Written by Ian Beale on 13 Feb, 2017

**Excellent sequel!** Intense sequel directed by Jeannot Szwarc (who also directed episodes of Columbo alongside Steven Spielberg!) Performances here are every bit as good as the original and Szwarc manages to infuse of great sense of style to the proceedings - building upon and adding even m...

A review by JPV852

Written by JPV852 on 26 Jul, 2020

Adequate but still entertaining sequel has some okay practical effects with the shark though still really silly given what happened in the last one nobody in charge would listen to Brody. Nothing overly special and doubt I'd revisit this anytime soon, but an okay sequel. **3.25/5**...

A review by quasar1967

Written by quasar1967 on 01 Sep, 2020

just as good as the original, if not better...

A review by r96sk

Written by r96sk on 19 Feb, 2022

A disappointing follow-up. I enjoyed Roy Scheider's performance and the core action sequences near the end, but everything else is a bit boring. 'Jaws 2' puts high focus on the teenagers, though their story never possesses any intrigue. The effects for the shark, meanwhile, are a step down from t...

A review by CinemaSerf

Written by CinemaSerf on 14 Apr, 2022

It's only after watching this that you realise just how crucial to the success of the first film Robert Shaw was. This is not the worst sequel I've seen by any means, but without his gnarled and charismatic "Quint", we are left with a pretty mundane effort from all concerned. This time our hungry fi...