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Jurassic World

Jurassic World

The park is open.

Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond.

Release Date : 06 Jun, 2015
Duration : 2h 4m
Action Adventure Science Fiction Thriller
Vote Average : 6.675 Vote Count : 18,465 Popularity : 145.104

Top Billed Casting

  • Chris Pratt

    Chris Pratt

    Owen Grady


  • Bryce Dallas Howard

    Bryce Dallas Howard

    Claire Dearing


  • Ty Simpkins

    Ty Simpkins

    Gray Mitchell


  • Nick Robinson

    Nick Robinson

    Zach Mitchell


  • Vincent D'Onofrio

    Vincent D'Onofrio

    Vic Hoskins


  • BD Wong

    BD Wong

    Dr. Henry Wu


  • Omar Sy

    Omar Sy

    Barry Sembène


  • Jake Johnson

    Jake Johnson

    Lowery Cruthers


  • Irrfan Khan

    Irrfan Khan

    Simon Masrani


  • Judy Greer

    Judy Greer

    Karen Mitchell


  • Lauren Lapkus

    Lauren Lapkus



  • Brian Tee

    Brian Tee



  • Katie McGrath

    Katie McGrath

    Zara Young


  • Andy Buckley

    Andy Buckley

    Scott Mitchell


  • Eric Edelstein

    Eric Edelstein

    Paddock Supervisor


  • Courtney J. Clark

    Courtney J. Clark

    Mosasaurus Announcer


  • Colby Boothman

    Colby Boothman

    Young Raptor Handler


  • Jimmy Fallon

    Jimmy Fallon

    Jimmy Fallon


  • James DuMont

    James DuMont

    Hal Osterly


  • Matt Burke

    Matt Burke

    Jim Drucker


  • Anna Talakkottur

    Anna Talakkottur

    Erica Brand


  • Matthew Cardarople

    Matthew Cardarople

    Gyrosphere Operator


  • Michael Papajohn

    Michael Papajohn

    InGen Contractor


  • William Gary Smith

    William Gary Smith

    Park Ranger


  • Kelly Washington

    Kelly Washington

    Zach's Girlfriend


  • Isaac Keys

    Isaac Keys

    Control Room Security Guard


  • Patrick Crowley

    Patrick Crowley

    Flight Instructor


  • Chad Randall

    Chad Randall

    InGen Soldier


  • Gary Weeks

    Gary Weeks

    Father of Three


  • Bill Ogilvie

    Bill Ogilvie

    Spanish Parkgoer


  • Allan Tam

    Allan Tam

    Chinese Parkgoer


  • Yvonne Angulo

    Yvonne Angulo

    Italian Mother


  • Chloe Perrin

    Chloe Perrin

    Italian Girl


  • Timothy Eulich

    Timothy Eulich

    ACU Trooper


  • Kevin Foster

    Kevin Foster

    ACU Gunner


  • Bonnie Wild

    Bonnie Wild

    Park Announcer (voice)


  • Brad Bird

    Brad Bird

    Monorail Announcer (voice)


  • Colin Trevorrow

    Colin Trevorrow

    Mr. DNA (voice)


  • Justin Lacalamita

    Justin Lacalamita

    Sheriff (uncredited)

    (Visual Effects)

  • Tiffany Forest

    Tiffany Forest

    Park Visitor (uncredited)


  • Arlene Newman

    Arlene Newman

    Woman with Baby (uncredited)


  • Tait Fletcher

    Tait Fletcher

    InGen Soldier (uncredited)


  • Jimmy Buffett

    Jimmy Buffett

    Park Visitor (uncredited)


  • Tim Connolly

    Tim Connolly

    InGen Soldier (uncredited)


  • Johnny Otto

    Johnny Otto

    Biologist (uncredited)


  • Erika Erica

    Erika Erica

    Park Visitor (uncredited)


  • Brandon Marc Higa

    Brandon Marc Higa

    Petting Zoo Staff (uncredited)


  • Martin Klebba

    Martin Klebba

    Staff Field (uncredited)


  • Eddie J. Fernandez

    Eddie J. Fernandez

    Paddock Worker (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






A review by jonlikesmoviesthatdontsuck

Written by jonlikesmoviesthatdontsuck on 29 Jun, 2015

I was a huge fan of the original 3 movies, they were out when I was younger, and I grew up loving dinosaurs because of them. This movie was awesome, and I think it can stand as a testimonial piece towards the capabilities that Christopher Pratt has. He nailed it. The graphics were awesome, the suppo...

A review by Ganesan

Written by Ganesan on 30 Jun, 2015

Overall action packed movie... But there should be more puzzles in the climax... But I really love the movie.... Excellent......

A review by redTed

Written by redTed on 04 Nov, 2015

I've never been a fan of this series. The only impressive thing of the original was the graphics that were, at the time, breathtaking. But we all know great graphics alone can't save a film. I watched this new effort just to see how far CGI has come in the time since the original and I can safely ...

A review by John Chard

Written by John Chard on 24 Nov, 2015

Untamable Devil. One thing that would be 100% guaranteed prior to the release of Jurassic World, is that whatever the quality, or lack of, the notices would be mixed. Thus the reactions would be akin to those that "Indiana Jones 4" received, charges of ruining childhoods and franchises etc. Ju...

A review by

Written by on 05 Mar, 2016

All in all this movie brought back the franchise that started out and captured the worlds attention. From the T-Rex chasing them down the road in there jeep to the velociraptors stalking them and picking them off one by one. Jurassic World brought the franchise back to the state of reality. (If ...

A review by aptaunk

Written by aptaunk on 06 Jul, 2016

Not bad...

A review by mattwilde123

Written by mattwilde123 on 09 Mar, 2017

Well choreographed action set-pieces. Good effects. Dinosaurs are magnificent. Annoyingly cliched characters. Stupid story. I thought the idea of commercialism and ethics could have and should have been explored better. A character talks about never being able to match the first part which is tru...

A review by Bulletproof5FDP

Written by Bulletproof5FDP on 24 Mar, 2017

**Jurassic World: A Jurassic Disappointment** As a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, especially the first movie, I am quite disappointed with Jurassic World. I was honestly super stoked for the long-awaited sequel to Jurassic Park, but in the end, the movie lacked the charm and mysticism from J...

A review by Gimly

Written by Gimly on 10 Sep, 2018

Most assuredly the best sequel to _Jurassic Park_, but it doesn't touch the original. "Not being as good as a different movie" is not what's bad about _Jurassic World_ though, what is though is the dropped plotlines, unlikeable characters, haphazard mixing of respect and disrespect for the original ...

A review by MSB

Written by MSB on 13 Jun, 2022

MORE REVIEWS @ Jurassic World remains my second favorite film of the whole saga. Colin Trevorrow is able to blend the suspenseful traits of the original with a more adventurous, light tone really well. Dinosaurs look amazing, still today. Characters could have benef...

A review by Peter McGinn

Written by Peter McGinn on 04 Aug, 2022

I recently watched the first three movies in this series, for the third time or so, but it occurred to me as I watched this one that I probably watched it only once, if at all. It brings with it the usual elements of this film franchise: the children (not the thousand extras who run around but tw...