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Justice League

Justice League

You can't save the world alone.

Fuelled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince assemble a team of metahumans consisting of Barry Allen, Arthur Curry and Victor Stone to face the catastrophic threat of Steppenwolf and the Parademons who are on the hunt for three Mother Boxes on Earth.

Release Date : 15 Nov, 2017
Duration : 2h 0m
Action Adventure Science Fiction
Vote Average : 6.092 Vote Count : 12,512 Popularity : 85.925

Top Billed Casting



Original Language


Production Country

United States of America


$ 300,000,000


$ 657,900,000


A review by garethmb

Written by garethmb on 15 Nov, 2017

The long anticipated “Justice League” has finally arrived finally combining the biggest stars of the DC universe into one film. The proposed film has faced many obstacles on the way to the big screen ranging from script issues, massive reshoots and a change of Director for said reshoots due to a...

A review by Movie Queen41

Written by Movie Queen41 on 18 Nov, 2017

An enjoyable superhero team movie. It's really being unfairly trashed by the critics. It's not up to the excellence of this summer's Wonder Woman film, but it's quite fun to watch. What made this film better than some of the other previous DCEU films is that it has a sense of humor. Previous films w...

A review by bigfatboy

Written by bigfatboy on 25 Nov, 2017

though thanks to bad reviews I wasn't sure about seeing this one but let me tell you my worries were put to rest very very soon this was one of the best times I have had at the movies this year the critics really missed the mark here I loved all the action and even the humor it was a good family mov...

A review by Gimly

Written by Gimly on 29 Nov, 2017

When it was first announced that 2016 would see _Batman V Superman_ and _Suicide Squad_ movies, I said to myself "Okay, I didn't like _Man of Steel_, but there's two very different DC entries coming up, I'll watch both of them, and if I like even one of them I'm willing to give this franchise a go."...

A review by amanshroff

Written by amanshroff on 15 Jan, 2018

**Our childhood superheroes all together !!** Yet again a new DC installment from one of the most controversial directors of Hollywood Zack Snyder, who directed Man of Steel (2013) and Dawn of Justice (2016). The large of number of nerds around the globe are waiting for this from the childhood ...

A review by Bulletproof5FDP

Written by Bulletproof5FDP on 27 Feb, 2018

The much-anticipated Justice League, the follow-up to 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, was finally released on November 17, 2017. After Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad were both negatively received, Warner Bros. saw a glimmer of hope with the highly-received Wonder Woman and hoped th...

A review by Per Gunnar Jonsson

Written by Per Gunnar Jonsson on 02 Apr, 2018

This was my type of Super Hero movie. Simple, straightforward plot without much social nonsens and preaching. Little in terms of the all too common whining and sel pitying by the heroes. They are heroes all the way without any nonsensical vendettas or moral bullshit (mostly). There is an episode wit...

A review by Kirollos_Noah

Written by Kirollos_Noah on 02 Sep, 2018

The length is so fitting on the storytelling, what else does everyone need? I know that the trailer had so many scenes that we wanted to see, but for me, the movie and its duration are perfect! The performances were amazing, especially Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry/Aquaman! And the story was gre...

A review by Aakash Kedia

Written by Aakash Kedia on 25 Sep, 2018

The Movie was highly paced. The movie was focusing on how the Justice league assembles. Stupidly shown the Mother Boxes and Stepenwolf. No future prospectus or hints unlike Dawn of Justice. Darkseid and Stepenwolf relation unknown. The movie falls apart as it was mainly focused on Resurrection of Su...

A review by StevenGarcia

Written by StevenGarcia on 17 Jan, 2020

Never lived up to its hype. The story was a bit rushed, the humor was forced, and it was a bit messy. All were happening at once that you couldn’t understand what was going on....

A review by AndrewMartinez

Written by AndrewMartinez on 17 Jan, 2020

I have to say, I find it lighthearted and entertaining at least, though sometimes, you will find the plot to be rather confusing....

A review by KennethRobinson

Written by KennethRobinson on 20 Jan, 2020

I think hardcore DC comic fans will appreciate the movie more than the general audience will. Being a DC fan, I enjoyed it a bit more because of the references from the comic books that it made....

A review by GeorgeClark

Written by GeorgeClark on 20 Jan, 2020

A good movie with all your favorite characters. Pretty entertaining, but it won't match up to the meticulous world-building of the MCU. Still, a pretty decent movie....

A review by KevinRodriguez1

Written by KevinRodriguez1 on 20 Jan, 2020

The biggest flaw of the film was that it didn’t fully utilized its characters. They just jumbled up some of the members of the Justice League from the comics, gave it a substandard representation of a villain, and called it a day....

A review by BrianLewis

Written by BrianLewis on 20 Jan, 2020

Great potential, poor execution. I was disappointed, to be honest. We were expecting a lot for this movie, but I guess DCEU was a tad bit too late in the film game. Their TV series was much more promising than their movies....

A review by EdwardLee

Written by EdwardLee on 20 Jan, 2020

It was a pretty decent movie. Better than what I expected, but it was deeply flawed....

A review by RonaldWalker

Written by RonaldWalker on 20 Jan, 2020

The Flash was definitely the comic relief for this one! I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I would have liked it, even more, if it is not kind of being rushed....

A review by TimothyHall

Written by TimothyHall on 20 Jan, 2020

If I can point it all out, there is so much wrong with this movie, especially the villain. I will choose Batman v Superman, which had really awesome action scenes, than this Justice League....

A review by JasonAllen1

Written by JasonAllen1 on 20 Jan, 2020

DCEU is making a comeback with this one! Finally, after many years of slumber, it is catching up with MCU at least. Although I can say it is not the best of the best, at least, they are finally learning....

A review by JasonAllen1

Written by JasonAllen1 on 20 Jan, 2020

DCEU is making a comeback with this one! Finally, after many years of slumber, it is catching up with MCU at least. Although I can say it is not the best of the best, at least, they are finally learning....