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Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon

If these two can learn to stand each other... the bad guys don't stand a chance.

Veteran buttoned-down LAPD detective Roger Murtaugh is partnered with unhinged cop Martin Riggs, who -- distraught after his wife's death -- has a death wish and takes unnecessary risks with criminals at every turn. The odd couple embark on their first homicide investigation as partners, involving a young woman known to Murtaugh with ties to a drug and prostitution ring.

Release Date : 06 Mar, 1987
Duration : 1h 50m
Adventure Action Comedy Thriller Crime
Vote Average : 7.294 Vote Count : 4,303 Popularity : 32.575

Top Billed Casting



Original Language


Production Country

United States of America


$ 15,000,000


$ 120,200,000


A review by John Chard

Written by John Chard on 31 Dec, 2018

We got the edge Cochise. Close to retirement, Detective Sergeant Roger Murtaugh is a bit disturbed to find he's breaking in a new partner. Even more so when it turns out to be fellow Detective Martin Riggs, who since the death of his wife has scant regard for life, his own or those around him. ...

A review by JPV852

Written by JPV852 on 29 Aug, 2019

One of the best action movies of all-time in my book, and right there with Die Hard, Lethal Weapon still holds up so well thanks to the chemistry between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Even with the over-the-top staged fight scene at the end, this is just an all around entertaining flick. (Reason I...

A review by The Movie Mob

Written by The Movie Mob on 02 Oct, 2022

**You’re never too old for this!** Lethal Weapon is the ultimate buddy cop action movie. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover’s chemistry delights as the crazed young gun and the old experienced cop grow to respect and trust each other. Mel Gibson gives another iconic performance in his catalog of out...

A review by GenerationofSwine

Written by GenerationofSwine on 12 Jan, 2023

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think the PC thing is that I'm not supposed to like this one but I'm supposed to like the horrible TV series instead? Something like that? Forget about it this is Shane Black at his finest macho shoot 'em up standards. And it's fun. Two cops, two Vietnam vets, two wonderful...