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Live Free or Die Hard

Live Free or Die Hard

The old school cop is back!

John McClane is back and badder than ever, and this time he's working for Homeland Security. He calls on the services of a young hacker in his bid to stop a ring of Internet terrorists intent on taking control of America's computer infrastructure.

Release Date : 20 Jun, 2007
Duration : 2h 8m
Action Thriller
Vote Average : 6.593 Vote Count : 4,975 Popularity : 45.662

Top Billed Casting

  • Bruce Willis

    Bruce Willis

    John McClane


  • Justin Long

    Justin Long

    Matthew 'Matt' Farrell


  • Timothy Olyphant

    Timothy Olyphant

    Thomas Gabriel


  • Cliff Curtis

    Cliff Curtis



  • Maggie Q

    Maggie Q

    Mai Linh


  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead

    Lucy McClane


  • Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith

    The Warlock


  • Christina Chang

    Christina Chang



  • Sung Kang

    Sung Kang



  • Zeljko Ivanek

    Zeljko Ivanek

    Agent Molina


  • Yorgo Constantine

    Yorgo Constantine



  • Jonathan Sadowski

    Jonathan Sadowski



  • Andrew Friedman

    Andrew Friedman



  • Cyril Raffaelli

    Cyril Raffaelli



  • Chris Palermo

    Chris Palermo



  • Jake McDorman

    Jake McDorman



  • Matt O'Leary

    Matt O'Leary



  • Yancey Arias

    Yancey Arias

    Agent Johnson


  • Allen Maldonado

    Allen Maldonado



  • Chris Ellis

    Chris Ellis



  • Nadine Ellis

    Nadine Ellis



  • Tim Russ

    Tim Russ

    Chuck Summer


  • Rosemary Knower

    Rosemary Knower

    Mrs. Kaludis


  • Gerald Downey

    Gerald Downey

    Hoover Agent


  • Jim Cantafio

    Jim Cantafio

    Deli Owner


  • Regina McKee Redwing

    Regina McKee Redwing

    Nearby Agent


  • Tony Colitti

    Tony Colitti

    Chief Hazmat Agent


  • Tim DeZarn

    Tim DeZarn

    Police Sergeant


  • Kurt David Anderson

    Kurt David Anderson



  • Ethan Flower

    Ethan Flower



  • Nick Jaine

    Nick Jaine

    Phone Guy


  • Joe Gerety

    Joe Gerety

    Jack Parry


  • Edward James Gage

    Edward James Gage

    On Duty PP Operator


  • David Walrod

    David Walrod

    Deli Customer


  • Edoardo Costa

    Edoardo Costa



  • John Reha

    John Reha

    Slacker Kid


  • Rick Cramer

    Rick Cramer

    MP Rodriguez


  • Vito Pietanza

    Vito Pietanza

    DC Cop


  • Dennis Depew

    Dennis Depew

    DC Cop


  • Howard Tyrone Ferguson

    Howard Tyrone Ferguson

    DC Cop


  • John Lacy

    John Lacy



  • Diana Gettinger

    Diana Gettinger

    FBI Dispatcher


  • Melissa Knowles

    Melissa Knowles

    Freeway Reporter


  • Chad Stahelski

    Chad Stahelski

    Terrorist (uncredited)


  • Michael Papajohn

    Michael Papajohn

    Gabriel's Henchman (uncredited)


  • Clay Cullen

    Clay Cullen

    Assassin (uncredited)


  • Matt McColm

    Matt McColm

    Terrorist (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United Kingdom






A review by ravitejarayudu

Written by ravitejarayudu on 17 Sep, 2014

It is not a just a DIE HARD MOVIE! Eyes feasting....lot of action scenes,lot of intelligence and lot of technology, Bruce Wills is rocking the film. There is nothing to say about his action. Justin long well and good supported role and he is the main guy who is dealing with technology...Timothy Olyp...

A review by Wuchak

Written by Wuchak on 21 Jun, 2018

Big, dumb action flick delivers RELEASED IN 2007 and directed by Len Wiseman, "Live Free or Die Hard" is the fourth installment in the Die Hard series. John McClane (Bruce Willis) is ordered to pick up a youth hacker (Justin Long) who's targeted by cyber-terrorists led by Thomas Gabriel and Mai L...