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Maison Ikkoku - Apartment Fantasy

Maison Ikkoku - Apartment Fantasy

Travel into Japan's nuttiest apartment house and meet its volatile inhabitants: Kyoko, the beautiful and mysterious new apartment manager; Yusaku, the exam-addled college student; Mrs. Ichinose, the drunken gossip; Kentaro, her bratty son; Akemi, the boozy bar hostess; and the mooching and peeping Mr. Yotsuya.

Release Date : 10 Oct, 1986
Duration : 1h 37m
Drama Comedy
Vote Average : 4.667 Vote Count : 3 Popularity : 0.708

Top Billed Casting

  • Mariko Ishihara

    Mariko Ishihara

    Kyôko Otonashi


  • Ken Ishiguro

    Ken Ishiguro

    Yûsaku Godai


  • Masatō Ibu

    Masatō Ibu



  • Yoshiko Miyazaki

    Yoshiko Miyazaki

    Roppongi Akemi


  • Yumiko Fujita

    Yumiko Fujita

    Hanae Ichinose


  • Michiko Kawai

    Michiko Kawai

    Nanao Kozue


  • Kōjirō Kusanagi

    Kōjirō Kusanagi



  • Ichirô Arishima

    Ichirô Arishima

    Father of Kyôko Otonashi


  • Hideji Ôtaki

    Hideji Ôtaki

    Buddhist priest


  • Hisako Manda

    Hisako Manda


  • Kunie Tanaka

    Kunie Tanaka




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