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In the year 2000, Maixabel Lasa’s husband, Juan Maria Jauregi, was killed by ETA. Eleven years later, she receives an incredible request: one of the men who killed Juan wants to meet with her in the Nanclares de la Oca prison in Araba (Spain), where he is serving his sentence after breaking ties with the terrorist group. Despite her reservations and her immense pain, Maixabel Lasa agrees to meet face to face with those who ended the life of the person who had been her companion since she was 16 years old. ‘Everyone deserves a second chance’, she said, when asked why she was willing to confront the man who killed her husband.

Release Date : 24 Sep, 2021
Duration : 1h 55m
Vote Average : 7.2 Vote Count : 53 Popularity : 6.564

Top Billed Casting

  • Blanca Portillo

    Blanca Portillo

    Maixabel Lasa


  • Luis Tosar

    Luis Tosar

    Ibon Etxezarreta


  • Urko Olazabal

    Urko Olazabal

    Luis Carrasco


  • María Cerezuela

    María Cerezuela

    María Jáuregui


  • Tamara Canosa

    Tamara Canosa



  • María Jesús Hoyos

    María Jesús Hoyos

    Madre de Ibon


  • Arantxa Aranguren

    Arantxa Aranguren



  • Bruno Sevilla

    Bruno Sevilla

    Luichi (Marido María)


  • Josu Ormaetxe

    Josu Ormaetxe

    Juan Mari Jáuregui


  • Martxelo Rubio

    Martxelo Rubio

    Amigo Maixabel


  • Patxo Tellería

    Patxo Tellería

    Director Cárcel


  • Jone Laspiur

    Jone Laspiur

    Amiga de María


  • Ainhoa Artetxe

    Ainhoa Artetxe

    Amiga de María


  • Paule Barcenilla

    Paule Barcenilla

    Amiga de María


  • Itxaso Gil

    Itxaso Gil

    Amiga de María


  • Iñigo Aranburu

    Iñigo Aranburu

    Funcionario Badajoz


  • José María Asín

    José María Asín



  • David Blanka

    David Blanka

    Funcionario Nanclares




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Production Country