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Me busco lejos

Me busco lejos

Graziele was born on a small island located in the south of Rio de Janeiro. As her mother died when she was just one year old and her father was always an absent figure, she was raised by her older sister and her grandparents, next to an evangelical church where her grandfather has been a pastor for two decades. In that small-town, conservative environment, Graziele had to come to terms with her homosexuality, first to herself and then to others. She decided to migrate to Argentina, even though she left a love in Brazil, and started living in Buenos Aires, together with her older sister on her father's side, and her brother-in-law Diego, who will be the narrator of her new life with his camera.

Release Date : 03 Nov, 2022
Duration : 1h 30m
Vote Average : 0 Vote Count : 0 Popularity : 1.055

Top Billed Casting

  • Lila Lublinsky Anjo

    Lila Lublinsky Anjo


  • Estela Kiesling

    Estela Kiesling


  • Diego Lublinsky

    Diego Lublinsky


  • Graziele Moreira

    Graziele Moreira


  • Xenia Ricas

    Xenia Ricas




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