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Millionaire Dogs

Millionaire Dogs

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Chuffie & JD, both street dogs, meet a talking parrot named Emmo who has lost his owner. The dogs try and eat Emmo, but in order to save his life, the parrot promises them a new home with his owner, the wealthy Miss Lilly. The two dogs feel right at home at their new mansion, along with Miss Lilly's other pets (all strays): the beautiful Bella, the frisky Velvet, and the guard dog Sherman. Unfortuantely, it doesn't take long for Miss Lilly to "kick the bucket", and the dogs' future is in jeapordy, especially since Miss Lilly's scheaming niece & nephew, Ronnie & Hannie, have had their eyes on the estate for quite some time. When the will reveals that the pets are to inherit the estate (including the mansion and one million dollars!), the twins decide to take matters into their own hands to try and get what they think they deserve. It's up to JD, Chuffie, Emmo, Bella, Sherman, and Velvet to stop the twins.

Release Date : 01 Apr, 1999
Duration : 1h 24m
Animation Family
Vote Average : 4.2 Vote Count : 5 Popularity : 2.341

Top Billed Casting

  • Michael Chevalier

    Michael Chevalier

    Sherman (voice)


  • Thomas Danneberg

    Thomas Danneberg

    J.D. (voice)


  • Nina Hagen

    Nina Hagen

    Emmo (voice)


  • Hans Hohlbein

    Hans Hohlbein

    Chuffie (voice)


  • Katharina Koschny

    Katharina Koschny

    Bella (voice)


  • Lutz Mackensy

    Lutz Mackensy

    Ronnie (voice)


  • Philine Peters-Arnolds

    Philine Peters-Arnolds

    Hannie (voice)


  • Bettina Schön

    Bettina Schön

    Miss Lilly (voice)


  • Magdalena Turba

    Magdalena Turba

    Velvet (voice)




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