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Night and the City

Night and the City

When you're down to your last dream, you either live it or lose it.

Looking to get rich quick, an unsuccessful lawyer uses dishonest means to try to become a boxing promoter.

Release Date : 11 Oct, 1992
Duration : 1h 45m
Crime Drama
Vote Average : 5.7 Vote Count : 61 Popularity : 6.614

Top Billed Casting

  • Robert De Niro

    Robert De Niro

    Harry Fabian


  • Jessica Lange

    Jessica Lange

    Helen Nasseros


  • Cliff Gorman

    Cliff Gorman

    Phil Nasseros


  • Alan King

    Alan King

    Ira "Boom Boom" Grossman


  • Jack Warden

    Jack Warden

    Al Grossman


  • Eli Wallach

    Eli Wallach



  • Barry Primus

    Barry Primus

    Tommy Tessler


  • Gene Kirkwood

    Gene Kirkwood



  • Gerard Murphy

    Gerard Murphy

    Steel Jaw #1


  • Clem Caserta

    Clem Caserta

    Steel Jaw #2


  • Anthony Canarozzi

    Anthony Canarozzi

    Emmett Gorgon


  • David W. Butler

    David W. Butler

    John Bonney


  • Byron Utley

    Byron Utley

    Frisker at Disco Club


  • Margo Winkler

    Margo Winkler

    Judge Parker


  • Maurice Shrog

    Maurice Shrog

    Gym Manager


  • Regis Philbin

    Regis Philbin



  • Joy Philbin

    Joy Philbin



  • Richard Price

    Richard Price



  • Franklin Dennis Jones

    Franklin Dennis Jones

    John Dugan


  • Thomas Mikal Ford

    Thomas Mikal Ford



  • Peter Bucossi

    Peter Bucossi



  • Bert Sugar

    Bert Sugar

    Guy at Bar


  • Nathaniel E. Johnson

    Nathaniel E. Johnson

    Kid Client


  • Brenda Denmark

    Brenda Denmark

    Kid's Mom


  • Barry Squitieri

    Barry Squitieri

    Marty Kaufman


  • Lisa Vidal

    Lisa Vidal



  • Carol Woods

    Carol Woods



  • Joseph D'Onofrio

    Joseph D'Onofrio



  • Michael Badalucco

    Michael Badalucco

    Elaine's Bartender


  • Deborah Watkins

    Deborah Watkins



  • Nandan Sage

    Nandan Sage



  • Harsh Nayyar

    Harsh Nayyar



  • Ben Lin

    Ben Lin

    Duk Soo Kim


  • John Polce

    John Polce



  • Rosalind Malloff

    Rosalind Malloff



  • Kennan Scott

    Kennan Scott

    Kid on Phone


  • Henry Milligan

    Henry Milligan



  • Victor Machado

    Victor Machado



  • Chuck Low

    Chuck Low

    Freddy DiMario


  • Lou Polo

    Lou Polo

    Jap Epstein


  • Louis Cantarini

    Louis Cantarini

    Boxing Official


  • John Quinn

    John Quinn



  • Philip Carlo

    Philip Carlo

    Peck's Guy


  • Cameron Lane

    Cameron Lane

    Mugger #1


  • Sharrieff Pugh

    Sharrieff Pugh

    Mugger #2


  • Mitchell Tex Low

    Mitchell Tex Low

    Delivery Man


  • Mick Cunningham

    Mick Cunningham

    Kid at Disco


  • Dave Reilly

    Dave Reilly

    Cop #2


  • Leslie Bart

    Leslie Bart

    Boom Boom's Secretary


  • Ann Devaney

    Ann Devaney

    Gorgon's Girl


  • Lorenzo Palminteri

    Lorenzo Palminteri

    Tommy Carver


  • Catherine Russell

    Catherine Russell



  • Ed Bannister

    Ed Bannister

    Cop (uncredited)


  • David Boston

    David Boston

    Con Edison Worker (uncredited)


  • Angel Brown

    Angel Brown

    Taxi Passenger (uncredited)


  • Alfred Cole

    Alfred Cole

    Self (uncredited)


  • Ronnie Cuber

    Ronnie Cuber

    Saxophonist (uncredited)


  • Dan Gifford

    Dan Gifford

    Man in Bar (uncredited)


  • Gary Gold

    Gary Gold

    Musician (uncredited)


  • Jennifer C. Johnson

    Jennifer C. Johnson

    Woman (uncredited)


  • Diane Kimbrell

    Diane Kimbrell

    Shopper (uncredited)


  • Leslie Lawrence

    Leslie Lawrence

    Preppie Boxer's Girlfriend (uncredited)


  • John Maczko

    John Maczko

    Heavy (uncredited)


  • Felicia Peluso

    Felicia Peluso

    Nightclub Principle (uncredited)


  • Michael Rispoli

    Michael Rispoli

    Trainer (uncredited)


  • Michael Tenaglia

    Michael Tenaglia

    Boxer with Speedbag (uncredited)


  • Paul Zimmerman

    Paul Zimmerman

    Diner (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America