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One, Two, Three, Freeze

One, Two, Three, Freeze

A provocative, seemingly absurd patchwork movie which sends a worthwhile message about hope against all odds, love, children and human understanding. Schoolgirl Victorine has an insane mother and an alcoholic father who can never find his way home in their maze of slum apartment blocks. Aggressive, sexually threatening boys of all ages are everywhere, and while the teacher eventually relents to a gang of adolescent rapists, Victorine gives herself to a rowdy gang of older layabouts, eventually winning the heart of burglar Paul.

Release Date : 18 Aug, 1993
Duration : 1h 44m
Drama Comedy
Vote Average : 6.1 Vote Count : 21 Popularity : 2.747

Top Billed Casting

  • Anouk Grinberg

    Anouk Grinberg



  • Myriam Boyer

    Myriam Boyer

    La mère / The mother


  • Olivier Martinez

    Olivier Martinez

    Petit Paul


  • Marcello Mastroianni

    Marcello Mastroianni

    Le père / The father


  • Jean-Michel Noirey

    Jean-Michel Noirey

    Maurice Le Garrec


  • Jean-Pierre Marielle

    Jean-Pierre Marielle

    L'homme seul / The lonely man


  • Claude Brasseur

    Claude Brasseur

    L'enfoiré / The dumb


  • Denise Chalem

    Denise Chalem



  • Éva Darlan

    Éva Darlan



  • Irène Tassembédo

    Irène Tassembédo

    Gladys Boigny


  • Patrick Bouchitey

    Patrick Bouchitey

    Marcel, le barman


  • Charles Schneider

    Charles Schneider

    le sergent Boigny


  • Stéphane Slima

    Stéphane Slima



  • Solenn Jarniou

    Solenn Jarniou


  • Baptiste Roussillon

    Baptiste Roussillon


  • Pascal Librizzi

    Pascal Librizzi


  • Chad Chenouga

    Chad Chenouga


  • Jean-Jacques Devaux

    Jean-Jacques Devaux


  • Bass Dhem

    Bass Dhem


  • Évelyne Garde

    Évelyne Garde


  • Alexis Cossou

    Alexis Cossou


  • Farid Menaa

    Farid Menaa


  • Prescilla Reami

    Prescilla Reami


  • Feyçal Adamou

    Feyçal Adamou


  • Abou Watte

    Abou Watte


  • Didier Fokine

    Didier Fokine


  • Choukri Bounad

    Choukri Bounad


  • Jonathan Polidoro

    Jonathan Polidoro


  • Kader Setouti

    Kader Setouti


  • Renaud Plion

    Renaud Plion


  • Olivier Gamès

    Olivier Gamès


  • Christian Banoyan

    Christian Banoyan


  • Hafid Fedaouche

    Hafid Fedaouche


  • Thierry Blein

    Thierry Blein


  • Jean-Jérôme Esposito

    Jean-Jérôme Esposito


  • Zam Mari

    Zam Mari


  • Sada Mari

    Sada Mari


  • Frédéric Putto

    Frédéric Putto


  • Stéphane Mouries

    Stéphane Mouries


  • Morad Rabah

    Morad Rabah


  • François Ferrandi

    François Ferrandi


  • Sébastien Grazzini

    Sébastien Grazzini


  • Cyril Egla

    Cyril Egla


  • Aziz Ladjaj

    Aziz Ladjaj


  • Victorien Delamare

    Victorien Delamare


  • Gilles Terussi

    Gilles Terussi


  • Lotti Ouerghi

    Lotti Ouerghi


  • Nordine M'Djassiri

    Nordine M'Djassiri


  • Anthony Guerini

    Anthony Guerini


  • Bouhaleme Boudjema

    Bouhaleme Boudjema


  • Mourir Trabelsi

    Mourir Trabelsi


  • Aissa Omar

    Aissa Omar


  • Touati Feyçal

    Touati Feyçal


  • Mourad Taibi

    Mourad Taibi


  • Nordin Kadri

    Nordin Kadri




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