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We don’t get a lot of things to really care about.

A truffle hunter who lives alone in the Oregon wilderness must visit Portland to find the mysterious person who stole his beloved foraging pig.

Release Date : 16 Jul, 2021
Duration : 1h 31m
Drama Thriller
Vote Average : 6.676 Vote Count : 843 Popularity : 15.271

Top Billed Casting

  • Nicolas Cage

    Nicolas Cage

    Robin 'Rob' Feld


  • Alex Wolff

    Alex Wolff



  • Adam Arkin

    Adam Arkin



  • Nina Belforte

    Nina Belforte



  • Gretchen Corbett

    Gretchen Corbett



  • Dalene Young

    Dalene Young



  • Darius Pierce

    Darius Pierce



  • Elijah Ungvary

    Elijah Ungvary



  • Brian Sutherland

    Brian Sutherland

    Drunk Man


  • David Knell

    David Knell



  • Sean Tarjyoto

    Sean Tarjyoto



  • Tom Walton

    Tom Walton

    Butcher Joe


  • Dana Millican

    Dana Millican



  • October Moore

    October Moore



  • Cassandra Violet

    Cassandra Violet



  • Julia Bray

    Julia Bray



  • Beth Harper

    Beth Harper



  • David Shaughnessy

    David Shaughnessy

    Audiobook Narrator


  • Kevin-Michael Moore

    Kevin-Michael Moore



  • Davis King

    Davis King



  • Cody Burns

    Cody Burns

    Server (uncredited)


  • Kieran Thomas

    Kieran Thomas

    Server (uncredited)


  • Parker Green

    Parker Green

    Kid with Bike (uncredited)


  • Kent W. Luttrell

    Kent W. Luttrell

    Skinny Cook (uncredited)


  • Troy Oelke

    Troy Oelke

    Truffle Hunter (uncredited)


  • Jovani Ridler

    Jovani Ridler

    Dominatrix (uncredited)


  • Bill Salfelder

    Bill Salfelder

    Toothless Man (uncredited)


  • Jamie Martin Stewart

    Jamie Martin Stewart

    Bar Patron (uncredited)


  • Daniel Vasic

    Daniel Vasic

    Husband (uncredited)


  • Christian Wilson

    Christian Wilson

    Scorekeeper (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United Kingdom




A review by MSB

Written by MSB on 15 Jul, 2021

Not watching trailers has infinite pros. From going into the theater without a visual clue about what's going to be seen on the big screen to the ability to avoid spoilery clips that ruin supposedly surprising moments, this is a methodology I've been strictly employing in my life. So far, I've had n...

A review by Mahnoor Khan

Written by Mahnoor Khan on 28 Jul, 2021

Pig is a drama and thriller. The story is real, authentic, touching, and emotional. Such Individual movies are known as "Cinema" and are the building blocks of the Hollywood Industry. Such movies aren't considered worthy of watching and praising just because they don't belong from a Franchise or St...

A review by Wiccaburr

Written by Wiccaburr on 29 Jul, 2021

With this starring Nic Cage, you would think it'll be a thriller with the same vibe of John Wick...and you would be sorta right. This movie was a drama first and thriller second as we go on a journey for the main character's (Rob) pig while we explored the past of Rob and Amir's lives. T...

A review by fourfridays

Written by fourfridays on 21 Aug, 2021

A great performance from Nicolas Cage. The story was engaging in the first half of the movie and then sort of dissipates into a search....

A review by CinemaSerf

Written by CinemaSerf on 28 Mar, 2022

We have waited quite a log time for this, but finally we have a film from Nicolas Cage ("Rob") into which he appears to have put some effort - and it works. He lives in the wilderness with his truffle hunting pig. Remote and isolated, his only contact with the outside world is when he meets his deal...

A review by r96sk

Written by r96sk on 05 May, 2022

That'll do. 'Pig' is a good film, made very good by its conclusion - which threw me, to be honest. I wasn't, up until that moment, overly invested in the story, but when the reality hits home I actually felt my stomach sink for Nicolas Cage's Robin - unexpected! Cage does put in a nea...

A review by Nathan

Written by Nathan on 12 Jul, 2022

On the surface _Pig_ is a basic story of a man on the search for his lost pig, but underneath the initial layer is a deep and compelling character study on love and loss. In the beginning, Rob and Amir start off as distant business partners, with not much relationship other than their weekly tran...

A review by badelf

Written by badelf on 14 Sep, 2022

Some people mention too slow for them. This film is a modern tone poem (complete with appropriate sound track) about deep love and deep loss. It clocks in at only an hour and a half, and I've thought long and hard about it: I call the pacing methodical, not slow. There's an awful lot of information ...