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Rising Sun

Rising Sun

A collision of East and West. A conspiracy of seduction and murder. A battle between tradition and power. Business is war.

When a prostitute is found dead in a Los Angeles skyscraper occupied by a large Japanese corporation, detectives John Connor and Web Smith are called in to investigate. Although Connor has previous experience working in Japan, cultural differences make their progress difficult until a security disc showing the murder turns up. Close scrutiny proves the disc has been doctored, and the detectives realize they're dealing with a cover-up as well.

Release Date : 30 Jul, 1993
Duration : 2h 5m
Action Drama Thriller
Vote Average : 6.142 Vote Count : 604 Popularity : 14.562

Top Billed Casting

  • Sean Connery

    Sean Connery

    Capt. John Connor


  • Wesley Snipes

    Wesley Snipes

    Lt. Webster Smith


  • Tia Carrere

    Tia Carrere

    Jingo Asakuma


  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

    Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

    Eddie Sakamura


  • Harvey Keitel

    Harvey Keitel

    Lt. Tom Graham


  • Mako




  • Stan Egi

    Stan Egi



  • Kevin Anderson

    Kevin Anderson

    Bob Richmond


  • Clyde Kusatsu

    Clyde Kusatsu



  • Ray Wise

    Ray Wise

    Senator John Morton


  • Lauren Robinson

    Lauren Robinson

    Zelda "Zelly" Smith


  • Steve Buscemi

    Steve Buscemi

    Willy Wilhelm


  • Tatjana Patitz

    Tatjana Patitz

    Cheryl Lynn Austin


  • Daniel von Bargen

    Daniel von Bargen

    Chief Olson / Interrogator


  • Stan Shaw

    Stan Shaw



  • Peter Crombie

    Peter Crombie



  • Sam Lloyd

    Sam Lloyd



  • Alexandra Powers

    Alexandra Powers



  • Amy Hill

    Amy Hill



  • Michael Chapman

    Michael Chapman

    Fred Hoffman


  • Tony Ganios

    Tony Ganios



  • Tylyn John

    Tylyn John



  • Shelley Michelle

    Shelley Michelle



  • Toshishiro Obata

    Toshishiro Obata

    Guard at Imperial Arms


  • Jeff Imada

    Jeff Imada

    Eddie Sakamura's Yakuza


  • Tamara Tunie

    Tamara Tunie

    Lauren Smith


  • Tadashi Yamashita

    Tadashi Yamashita

    Nakamoto Yakuza


  • Michael Leopard

    Michael Leopard



  • Tom Dahlgren

    Tom Dahlgren

    Jim Donaldson


  • Joey Miyashima

    Joey Miyashima

    Young Japanese Negotiator


  • Nelson Mashita

    Nelson Mashita

    Young Japanese Negotiator


  • James Oliver Bullock

    James Oliver Bullock



  • Michael Kinsley

    Michael Kinsley

    T. V. Panel Member


  • Eleanor Clift

    Eleanor Clift

    T. V. Panel Member


  • Clarence Page

    Clarence Page

    T. V. Panel Member


  • Pat Choate

    Pat Choate

    T. V. Panel Member


  • Steve Clemons

    Steve Clemons

    Show Moderator


  • Dan Butler

    Dan Butler

    Ken Shubik


  • Michele Ruiz

    Michele Ruiz

    T. V. Interviewer


  • Patricia Ayame Thomson

    Patricia Ayame Thomson

    Female Accident Reporter


  • J. Max Kirishima

    J. Max Kirishima

    Eddie Sakamura's Yakuza


  • Larry O. Williams Jr.

    Larry O. Williams Jr.

    Younger Brother


  • Scot Anthony Robinson

    Scot Anthony Robinson

    First Brother


  • Keith Leon Williams

    Keith Leon Williams

    Another Brother


  • Carl A. McGee

    Carl A. McGee

    Guy at Window


  • Quincy Adams Jr.

    Quincy Adams Jr.

    Mean Face


  • Cecil Brown

    Cecil Brown

    Big Guy


  • Meagen Fay

    Meagen Fay

    Hamaguri Receptionist


  • Max Grodénchik

    Max Grodénchik

    Club Manager


  • Gunnar Peterson

    Gunnar Peterson



  • Jessica Tuck

    Jessica Tuck

    Senator Morton's Aide


  • Masa Watanabe

    Masa Watanabe

    Japanese Elevator Guard


  • Minnie Summers Lindsey

    Minnie Summers Lindsey

    Grandma Otis


  • Paul Fujimoto

    Paul Fujimoto



  • Kenji


    Tempura Chef


  • Tak Kubota

    Tak Kubota

    Nakamoto Yakuza


  • Fumio Demura

    Fumio Demura

    Nakamoto Yakuza


  • Dennis Ota

    Dennis Ota

    Nakamoto Yakuza


  • Raymond Kitamura

    Raymond Kitamura

    Nakamoto Yakuza


  • Rita Weibel

    Rita Weibel

    Girl at Eddie's Party


  • Susan Iida

    Susan Iida

    Girl in Karaoke Western


  • Seiichi Tanaka

    Seiichi Tanaka

    Taiko Drum Master


  • John Koyama

    John Koyama

    Yakuza (uncredited)


  • Leo Lee

    Leo Lee

    Eddie Sakamura's Yakuza (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America