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Ruby Red

Ruby Red

Gwendolyn Shepherd is a normal 16-year-old, but her family holds a secret: A time-travel gene is expressed in the clan inherited, but not every member of the family is blessed with. Everyone is certain that Gwen's cousin Charlotte has the gene. However, someday Gwendolyn suddenly finds herself in London at the end of the 19th century and realizes that it is her, who was born a time traveler. While she is not very enthusiastic about it, she will do everything possible to solve the ancient mysteries of the red ruby.

Release Date : 14 Mar, 2013
Duration : 2h 2m
Fantasy Adventure Family Drama Science Fiction Romance
Vote Average : 6.98 Vote Count : 1,017 Popularity : 14.659

Top Billed Casting

  • Maria Ehrich

    Maria Ehrich

    Gwendolyn Shepherd


  • Jannis Niewöhner

    Jannis Niewöhner

    Gideon de Villiers


  • Laura Berlin

    Laura Berlin

    Charlotte Montrose


  • Uwe Kockisch

    Uwe Kockisch

    Falk de Villiers


  • Josefine Preuß

    Josefine Preuß

    Lucy Montrose


  • Florian Bartholomäi

    Florian Bartholomäi

    Paul de Villiers


  • Katharina Thalbach

    Katharina Thalbach

    Tante Maddy


  • Veronica Ferres

    Veronica Ferres

    Grace Shepherd


  • Anna Böttcher

    Anna Böttcher



  • Sibylle Canonica

    Sibylle Canonica



  • Justine del Corte

    Justine del Corte

    Madame Rossini


  • Levin Henning

    Levin Henning

    Nick Shepherd


  • Gottfried John

    Gottfried John

    Dr. White


  • Gerlinde Locker

    Gerlinde Locker

    Lady Arista


  • Axel Milberg

    Axel Milberg

    Lucas Montrose


  • Chiara Schoras

    Chiara Schoras

    Margret Tilney


  • Johannes Silberschneider

    Johannes Silberschneider

    Mr. Bernhard


  • Kostja Ullmann

    Kostja Ullmann



  • Rüdiger Vogler

    Rüdiger Vogler

    Thomas George


  • Jennifer Lotsi

    Jennifer Lotsi



  • Johannes von Matuschka

    Johannes von Matuschka

    Mr. Whitman


  • Oxana Salzmann

    Oxana Salzmann

    Cynthia Dale


  • Friederike Rhein

    Friederike Rhein

    Sarah Bloomberg


  • Thomas Limpinsel

    Thomas Limpinsel

    Mr. Southfolk 1912


  • Christine Rollar

    Christine Rollar

    Mrs. Jenkins


  • Maurizio Magno

    Maurizio Magno

    Der kleine Robert


  • Elke Borkenstein

    Elke Borkenstein

    Blumenmädchen 1912


  • Philip Wiegratz

    Philip Wiegratz

    Gordon Geldermann


  • Menyhért René Balog-Dutombé

    Menyhért René Balog-Dutombé

    Butler 1912


  • Karin Graf

    Karin Graf

    Frau in Kirche


  • Reiner Neffgen

    Reiner Neffgen

    Bettler 1783


  • Martin Östreicher

    Martin Östreicher

    Lord Brompton


  • Peter Simonischek

    Peter Simonischek

    Graf von St. Germain


  • Butz Ulrich Buse

    Butz Ulrich Buse

    Miro Rakoczy


  • Ferenc Hock

    Ferenc Hock



  • Ádám Madaras

    Ádám Madaras

    Angreifer Hyde Park


  • Levente Tamási

    Levente Tamási

    Angreifer Hyde Park


  • Markus Daffinger

    Markus Daffinger

    Wächter 1942


  • István Kiss

    István Kiss

    Wächter 1942


  • Frederic Welter

    Frederic Welter

    Mr. Marley


  • Holger Kriechel

    Holger Kriechel



  • Sofi de la Torre

    Sofi de la Torre

    Sängerin Kirschblütenball


  • Daniel-Emanuel Uhde

    Daniel-Emanuel Uhde

    Band Kirschblütenball


  • Benedikt Weißkopf

    Benedikt Weißkopf

    Band Kirschblütenball


  • Christopher Scherf

    Christopher Scherf

    Band Kirschblütenball


  • Markus Frank Juri Popp

    Markus Frank Juri Popp

    English gentleman




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