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Just say the word.

A boy is given the ability to become an adult superhero in times of need with a single magic word.

Release Date : 29 Mar, 2019
Duration : 2h 12m
Action Comedy Fantasy
Vote Average : 7.1 Vote Count : 7,590 Popularity : 80.415

Top Billed Casting

  • Zachary Levi

    Zachary Levi



  • Asher Angel

    Asher Angel

    Billy Batson


  • Mark Strong

    Mark Strong

    Doctor Thaddeus Sivana


  • Jack Dylan Grazer

    Jack Dylan Grazer

    Freddy Freeman


  • Adam Brody

    Adam Brody

    Super Hero Freddy


  • Faithe Herman

    Faithe Herman

    Darla Dudley


  • Meagan Good

    Meagan Good

    Super Hero Darla


  • Grace Fulton

    Grace Fulton

    Mary Bromfield


  • Michelle Borth

    Michelle Borth

    Super Hero Mary


  • Ian Chen

    Ian Chen

    Eugene Choi


  • Ross Butler

    Ross Butler

    Super Hero Eugene


  • Jovan Armand

    Jovan Armand

    Pedro Peña


  • D.J. Cotrona

    D.J. Cotrona

    Super Hero Pedro


  • Marta Milans

    Marta Milans

    Rosa Vasquez


  • Cooper Andrews

    Cooper Andrews

    Victor Vasquez


  • Djimon Hounsou

    Djimon Hounsou

    The Wizard


  • Ethan Pugiotto

    Ethan Pugiotto

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (1974)


  • John Glover

    John Glover

    Sivana's Father


  • Landon Doak

    Landon Doak

    Sid Sivana (1974)


  • Paul Braunstein

    Paul Braunstein

    Officer #1


  • Nadine Roden

    Nadine Roden

    Officer #2


  • David Kohlsmith

    David Kohlsmith

    Young Billy


  • Caroline Palmer

    Caroline Palmer

    Billy's Mom


  • Emily Nixon

    Emily Nixon

    Woman in Red Coat


  • Carson MacCormac

    Carson MacCormac

    Brett Bryer


  • Lotta Losten

    Lotta Losten

    Dr. Lynn Crosby


  • Andi Osho

    Andi Osho

    Ms. E.B. Glover


  • Natalia Safran

    Natalia Safran

    Mrs. Sivana (uncredited)


  • David J. MacNeil

    David J. MacNeil

    Mr. Breyer (uncredited)


  • Lou Lou Safran

    Lou Lou Safran

    Sivana's Twin Sisters - 12 Yrs Old (uncredited)


  • Ava Preston

    Ava Preston

    Lillian Price (Interviewee)


  • Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz

    Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz

    Luis Pichardo (Interviewee)


  • Ali Badshah

    Ali Badshah

    Mehmet Kotil (Interviewee)


  • Simon Northwood

    Simon Northwood

    Pissed Off Phone Owner


  • Lovina Yavari

    Lovina Yavari

    Store Clerk


  • Rachel Boyd

    Rachel Boyd

    Senior Girl


  • Jim Pagiamtzis

    Jim Pagiamtzis

    Night Club Patron (uncredited)


  • Raul Torres

    Raul Torres



  • Jhaleil Swaby

    Jhaleil Swaby

    Passing Teen


  • Jackson Reid

    Jackson Reid

    Little Boy


  • Bryce Arden Poe

    Bryce Arden Poe

    Student #2


  • Tosh Robertson

    Tosh Robertson

    Student #3


  • Pearl Ho

    Pearl Ho

    Carnival Goer #2


  • Cassandra Ebner

    Cassandra Ebner

    Bus Passenger #3


  • Stephanie Hawkins

    Stephanie Hawkins

    Bus Passenger #7


  • Angelica Lisk-Hann

    Angelica Lisk-Hann

    Bus Passenger #2


  • Jesse Bond

    Jesse Bond

    Father at Carnival


  • Harper Gunn

    Harper Gunn

    Little Girl at Carnival


  • Evan Marsh

    Evan Marsh

    Burke Breyer


  • Kerri Kamara

    Kerri Kamara

    Attractive Lady


  • Leon Oliveira Martins

    Leon Oliveira Martins

    Man at Carnival


  • Nilce Moretto

    Nilce Moretto

    Woman at Carnival


  • David F. Sandberg

    David F. Sandberg

    Mr Mind (Voice)/ The Husband (Voice) / Gangster Crocodile-Men (uncredited)


  • Ryan Handley

    Ryan Handley

    Superman (uncredited)


  • Wayne Ward

    Wayne Ward

    Sid Sivana


  • Pamela Matthews

    Pamela Matthews



  • Allison Brennan

    Allison Brennan

    Cissie Sommerly


  • Lisa Truong

    Lisa Truong

    Ms. Kwan


  • Bill R. Dean

    Bill R. Dean

    Batman Toy (voice)


  • Steve Blum

    Steve Blum

    Seven Deadly Sins (voice)


  • Darin De Paul

    Darin De Paul

    Seven Deadly Sins (voice)


  • Fred Tatasciore

    Fred Tatasciore

    Seven Deadly Sins (voice)


  • Tabitha Tao

    Tabitha Tao



  • Seth Green

    Seth Green

    friend (uncredited)


  • David Choi

    David Choi

    Man on bus


  • Allen Keng

    Allen Keng

    Bus Passenger


  • Stephannie Hawkins

    Stephannie Hawkins

    Bus Passenger




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






A review by garethmb

Written by garethmb on 28 Mar, 2019

Growing up I was a regular viewer of the Shazam and Isis “Super Power Hour” on television. Back before the days of mega-budgeted Super Hero movies; we had to content ourselves with cartoons and low budget television offerings which did their best to capture the look and action of comic character...

A review by MSB

Written by MSB on 04 Apr, 2019

If you enjoy reading my spoiler-free reviews, please follow my blog :) First of all, I didn’t know anything about Shazam. What his powers were, what story did he have … Basically, I didn’t know who he was. This is what David F. Sandberg‘s movie does best: introduce the audience to a new D...

A review by Myles

Written by Myles on 07 Apr, 2019

It's entertaining, it has heart, and it's joyful. It has been proven time and time again that these things are what is required for a good Superhero film....

A review by YouShouldKnow

Written by YouShouldKnow on 26 May, 2019

After the spiderman movies, this has to be the most annoying superhero movie I've seen to date. It took nearly an hour for the movie to actually get interesting and during that whole time one is treated to 2 super annoying teenagers. Honestly, I'm glad I didn't go to the cinema for this otherwise...

A review by militades

Written by militades on 28 Jun, 2019

Definitely has its moments, bit in total the movie feels inconsistent which kills most of the buzz. It switches from rather serious scenes where people actually get hurt to PG-6 compatible simple humor back and forth a few times. With ever transformation the whole character changes, Shazam acting m...

A review by Gimly

Written by Gimly on 23 Jul, 2019

The titular Shazam and has alter-ego Billy Batson feel like completely different characters. This is not unheard of for a superhero by any stretch, but when accompanied by a change of actor, it's a pretty jarring situation. I also have a hard time figuring out who the target demographic is with this...

A review by Nutshell

Written by Nutshell on 03 Aug, 2019

Zachary Levi is a hoot in this super-hero comedy reminiscent of the now classic Big with Tom Hanks. We get a solid first half, even two thirds, but why oh why do these movies almost always seem to revert to formula in the 3rd act? Been there, done that......

A review by JPV852

Written by JPV852 on 29 Aug, 2019

Second viewing and my feelings pretty much remain the same. Fun moments and Zachary Levi was very good in the leading role and although not terribly memorable, Mark Strong made for a fine villain, that said, some of the humor wasn't for me, although I did enjoy some of director David F. Sandberg's m...