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Silver Skates

Silver Skates

A Magical Journey Awaits You!

1899, the Christmas-time St.Petersburg. Ice-covered rivers and canals of the capital seethe with festive activities. On the eve of the new century those who should not be destined to meet, come together. They are people from different worlds: Matvey, the son of a lamplighter, whose only treasure is his silver-plated skates; Alice is the daughter of a high-ranking official dreaming of science. Each of them has his own difficult life-story, but having accidentally met they rush forward together in pursuit of their dreams.

Release Date : 10 Dec, 2020
Duration : 2h 16m
Romance Adventure Drama Family History
Vote Average : 7.8 Vote Count : 153 Popularity : 10.962

Top Billed Casting

  • Fedor Fedotov

    Fedor Fedotov



  • Sonia Priss

    Sonia Priss



  • Aleksey Guskov

    Aleksey Guskov

    Nikolai Nikolaevitch


  • Yuri Kolokolnikov

    Yuri Kolokolnikov

    Velikiy Knyaz


  • Severija Janušauskaitė

    Severija Janušauskaitė



  • Kirill Zaytsev

    Kirill Zaytsev



  • Yuriy Borisov

    Yuriy Borisov



  • Aleksandra Revenko

    Aleksandra Revenko



  • Timofey Tribuntsev

    Timofey Tribuntsev



  • Sergey Koltakov

    Sergey Koltakov

    Dmitriy Mendeleev


  • Yan Reshetnikov

    Yan Reshetnikov



  • Denis Lavant

    Denis Lavant



  • Cathy Belton

    Cathy Belton

    Miss Jackson


  • Vasily Kopeikin

    Vasily Kopeikin



  • Vera Pleshanova

    Vera Pleshanova

    lady on the waterfront


  • Mikhail Shelomentsev

    Mikhail Shelomentsev



  • Dmitry Lysenkov

    Dmitry Lysenkov



  • Arkadiy Koval

    Arkadiy Koval

    Nikolai Nikolaevich's governor


  • Dmitriy Murashev

    Dmitriy Murashev



  • Valeriy Kukhareshin

    Valeriy Kukhareshin

    older cook


  • Sergey Barkovsky

    Sergey Barkovsky


  • Denis Pyanov

    Denis Pyanov


  • Elena Rufanova

    Elena Rufanova


  • Sergey Zamorev

    Sergey Zamorev


  • Evgeniy Kuzmin

    Evgeniy Kuzmin


  • Maxim Khanzhov

    Maxim Khanzhov


  • Kirill Frolov

    Kirill Frolov


  • Denis Kozinets

    Denis Kozinets


  • Anton Pulit

    Anton Pulit


  • Aleksey Simonov

    Aleksey Simonov


  • Sergey Trifonov

    Sergey Trifonov


  • Игорь Павлов

    Игорь Павлов


  • Kirill Baloban

    Kirill Baloban


  • Yakov Petrov

    Yakov Petrov


  • Artyom Leshchik

    Artyom Leshchik


  • Valery Smekalov

    Valery Smekalov


  • Tatyana Polonskaya

    Tatyana Polonskaya


  • Egor Bakulin

    Egor Bakulin


  • Yana Pronina

    Yana Pronina


  • Kirill Yakushenko

    Kirill Yakushenko




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Production Country



A review by badelf

Written by badelf on 02 Jan, 2022

Sometimes, you just can't beat the Russians at anything. This movie is perfect. The sets and production are off the charts. The directing is phenomenal. The acting is flawless. Okay, the story is maybe a little plain, nonetheless, it's enjoyable to watch. THIS is a Christmas movie - not that crap Ho...