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Space Sweepers

Space Sweepers

2092, the space sweep begins!

When the crew of a space junk collector ship called The Victory discovers a humanoid robot named Dorothy that's known to be a weapon of mass destruction, they get involved in a risky business deal which puts their lives at stake.

Release Date : 05 Feb, 2021
Duration : 2h 16m
Drama Fantasy Science Fiction
Vote Average : 7.128 Vote Count : 827 Popularity : 86.066

Top Billed Casting

  • Song Joong-ki

    Song Joong-ki



  • Kim Tae-ri

    Kim Tae-ri

    Captain Jang


  • Yoo Hae-jin

    Yoo Hae-jin



  • Jin Sun-kyu

    Jin Sun-kyu

    Tiger Park


  • Richard Armitage

    Richard Armitage

    James Sullivan – The CEO of UTS


  • Kim Moo-yul

    Kim Moo-yul

    Kang Hyun-woo


  • Park Ye-rin

    Park Ye-rin

    Dorothy / Kang Kot-nim


  • Oh Ji-yul

    Oh Ji-yul



  • Kim Hyang-gi

    Kim Hyang-gi

    Bubs' new body


  • Nas Brown

    Nas Brown



  • Kevin Dockry

    Kevin Dockry



  • Carla Fernanda Avila Escobedo

    Carla Fernanda Avila Escobedo



  • Anupam Tripathi

    Anupam Tripathi



  • Andrew William Brand

    Andrew William Brand

    UTS Prime Minister


  • Hou Mengjun

    Hou Mengjun

    UTS Boardmember


  • John D. Michaels

    John D. Michaels

    UTS Boardmember


  • Alym Tayyrov

    Alym Tayyrov

    UTS Boardmember


  • Gareth Fannin

    Gareth Fannin

    UTS Boardmember


  • Phoebe Corey

    Phoebe Corey

    UTS Boardmember


  • Daniel Joey Albright

    Daniel Joey Albright

    Reporter 1


  • Guillermo Vazquez Garibay

    Guillermo Vazquez Garibay

    Reporter 2


  • Jason Kvich

    Jason Kvich

    Reporter 3


  • Chiara Aguilar

    Chiara Aguilar

    Reporter 4


  • Gabriel Ruiz Benito

    Gabriel Ruiz Benito

    Black Fox 1


  • Ana Ruggiero

    Ana Ruggiero

    Black Fox 2


  • Gregory Skripchenko

    Gregory Skripchenko

    Black Fox 3


  • Massimo Fierro

    Massimo Fierro

    Black Fox 4


  • Rahel Limor

    Rahel Limor

    Black Fox 5


  • Yoon Hae-ju

    Yoon Hae-ju

    Black Fox 6


  • Yoo Young-bin

    Yoo Young-bin

    Black Fox 7


  • Thomas Frederiksen

    Thomas Frederiksen



  • Alison Rock

    Alison Rock

    Research Director


  • Benjamin Spink

    Benjamin Spink

    Researcher 1


  • Kim Dae-han

    Kim Dae-han

    Researcher 2


  • Seo Dong-oh

    Seo Dong-oh

    Pig father


  • Ariane Desgagnés-Leclerc

    Ariane Desgagnés-Leclerc



  • Amy Pradeep Sawant

    Amy Pradeep Sawant



  • Antonio Bompart

    Antonio Bompart

    Court staff


  • Nico Lesage

    Nico Lesage

    Sailor 1


  • Guillaume Desbos

    Guillaume Desbos

    Sailor 2


  • Joshua Wera

    Joshua Wera

    Sailor 3


  • Maurice Turner Jr.

    Maurice Turner Jr.

    American Space Sweeper 1


  • Jamarian Bridges

    Jamarian Bridges

    American Space Sweeper 2


  • Milan-Devi LaBrey

    Milan-Devi LaBrey

    American Space Sweeper 3


  • Ahmed Fouda

    Ahmed Fouda

    Egyptian Space Sweeper 1


  • Saif Khan Showpon

    Saif Khan Showpon

    Egyptian Space Sweeper 2


  • Daniil Kuznetcov

    Daniil Kuznetcov

    Canadian Space Sweeper


  • Alexander Kapitonenko

    Alexander Kapitonenko

    Russian Space Sweeper


  • Oh Yun-su

    Oh Yun-su

    Su-ni's mother


  • Daniel C Kennedy

    Daniel C Kennedy

    News Anchor




Original Language


Production Country

South Korea




A review by I'M YourOnly.One 🔏

Written by I'M YourOnly.One 🔏 on 06 Feb, 2021

"**Space Sweepers**" is South Korea's first-ever space science fiction show. For their first venture into space, they did not disappoint and made sure audiences were awed by the show's deep story and unforgettable space adventure. > **Space Sweepers** ***is lightyears better from recent Western s...