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Every fairy tale ends.

During her Christmas holidays with the royal family at the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, England, Diana decides to leave her marriage to Prince Charles.

Release Date : 04 Nov, 2021
Duration : 1h 57m
Vote Average : 6.906 Vote Count : 1,345 Popularity : 17.519



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$ 18,000,000


$ 14,000,000


A review by MSB

Written by MSB on 05 Nov, 2021

I knew absolutely nothing about this movie beforehand. I heard/read extraordinarily positive reactions that definitely elevated my expectations. And my actual knowledge about Princess Diana and her life was and still is extremely basic. Spencer is one of those rare examples where going into it compl...

A review by M_i_c_h_a_e_l

Written by M_i_c_h_a_e_l on 26 Jan, 2022

An enigmatic actress full of baggage plays one of the most enigmatic people of the 20th century who had a bit of acting to do herself. Diana’s stories are far too plentiful for one film - or even a series of them - so the film wisely keeps to only one chapter. It’s a slow meditation with l...

A review by badelf

Written by badelf on 01 Feb, 2022

If I were a royalty groupie, I might have enoyed this film. But I'm not. And I did not enoy this film at all. It's only saving grace is that it's technically well done....

A review by

Written by on 03 Mar, 2022

Full Analysis at - **Intro** - With one Oscar Nominee and 33 Awards won, Spencer is a must-watch. It's the time when Lady D. changed her story and our one. - **The Story** - It’s December 1991, and the location is the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. The Royal family meets to celebrat...

A review by CinemaSerf

Written by CinemaSerf on 27 Mar, 2022

Kristin Stewart could certainly not be accused of being half-hearted here. She immerses herself completely in this depiction of a rather unstable woman dealing with the pressures of her fame and her family. The extent of any authenticity as to the feelings and experiences by the real life Princess i...