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Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

A Jedi Shall Not Know Anger. Nor Hatred. Nor Love.

Following an assassination attempt on Senator Padmé Amidala, Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi investigate a mysterious plot that could change the galaxy forever.

Release Date : 15 May, 2002
Duration : 2h 22m
Adventure Action Science Fiction
Vote Average : 6.539 Vote Count : 11,367 Popularity : 39.137

Top Billed Casting

  • Hayden Christensen

    Hayden Christensen

    Anakin Skywalker


  • Ewan McGregor

    Ewan McGregor

    Obi-Wan Kenobi


  • Natalie Portman

    Natalie Portman

    Padmé Amidala


  • Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee

    Count Dooku


  • Samuel L. Jackson

    Samuel L. Jackson

    Mace Windu


  • Frank Oz

    Frank Oz

    Yoda (voice)


  • Ian McDiarmid

    Ian McDiarmid

    Chancellor Palpatine


  • Pernilla August

    Pernilla August

    Shmi Skywalker


  • Temuera Morrison

    Temuera Morrison

    Jango Fett / Clone Troopers


  • Jimmy Smits

    Jimmy Smits

    Senator Bail Organa


  • Jack Thompson

    Jack Thompson

    Cliegg Lars


  • Leeanna Walsman

    Leeanna Walsman

    Zam Wesell


  • Ahmed Best

    Ahmed Best

    Jar Jar Binks / Achk Med-Beq (voice)


  • Rose Byrne

    Rose Byrne



  • Oliver Ford Davies

    Oliver Ford Davies

    Governor Sio Bibble


  • Ron Falk

    Ron Falk

    Dexter Jettster (voice)


  • Jay Laga'aia

    Jay Laga'aia

    Captain Typho


  • Andy Secombe

    Andy Secombe

    Watto (voice)


  • Anthony Daniels

    Anthony Daniels

    C-3PO / Dannl Faytonni


  • Silas Carson

    Silas Carson

    Viceroy Nute Gunray / Ki-Adi Mundi


  • Ayesha Dharker

    Ayesha Dharker

    Queen Jamillia


  • Daniel Logan

    Daniel Logan

    Boba Fett


  • Joel Edgerton

    Joel Edgerton

    Owen Lars


  • Bonnie Piesse

    Bonnie Piesse



  • Anthony Phelan

    Anthony Phelan

    Lama Su (voice)


  • Rena Owen

    Rena Owen

    Taun We (voice)


  • Alethea McGrath

    Alethea McGrath

    Madame Jocasta Nu


  • Susie Porter

    Susie Porter

    Hermione Bagwa / WA-7


  • Matt Doran

    Matt Doran

    Elan Sleazebaggano


  • Alan Ruscoe

    Alan Ruscoe

    Gilramos Libkath


  • Veronica Segura

    Veronica Segura



  • David Bowers

    David Bowers

    Mas Amedda


  • Steve John Shepherd

    Steve John Shepherd

    Naboo lieutenant


  • Bodie Taylor

    Bodie Taylor

    Clone Trooper


  • Matt Rowan

    Matt Rowan

    Senator Orn Free Taa


  • Steven Boyle

    Steven Boyle

    Senator Ask Aak / Passel Argente


  • Zachariah Jensen

    Zachariah Jensen

    Kit Fisto


  • Alex Knoll

    Alex Knoll

    J.K. Burtola


  • Phoebe Yiamkiati

    Phoebe Yiamkiati

    Mari Amithest


  • Kenny Baker

    Kenny Baker



  • Jerome St. John Blake

    Jerome St. John Blake

    Oppo Rancisis


  • Hassani Shapi

    Hassani Shapi

    Eeth Koth


  • Gin Clarke

    Gin Clarke

    Adi Gallia


  • Khan Bonfils

    Khan Bonfils

    Saesee Tiin


  • Michaela Cottrell

    Michaela Cottrell

    Even Piell


  • Dipika O'Neill Joti

    Dipika O'Neill Joti

    Depa Billaba


  • Marton Csokas

    Marton Csokas

    Poggle the Lesser (voice) (uncredited)


  • Tux Akindoyeni

    Tux Akindoyeni

    Agen Kolar (uncredited)


  • Sacha Alexander

    Sacha Alexander

    Graf Zapalo - Advisor to Queen Jamillia (uncredited)


  • Giulio Alimenti

    Giulio Alimenti

    Naboo Holy Man (uncredited)


  • Amy Allen

    Amy Allen

    Aayla Secura / Mya Nalle / Yma Nalle / Lela Mayn (uncredited)

    (Visual Effects)

  • Nicolas Anastassiou

    Nicolas Anastassiou

    Nicanas Tassu (uncredited)


  • Jason Baird

    Jason Baird

    Bairdon Jace (uncredited)

    (Costume & Make-Up)

  • Don Bies

    Don Bies

    Artuo Pratuhr (uncredited)


  • Jamel Boukabou

    Jamel Boukabou

    Tusken Raider (uncredited)


  • Kristen Bronson

    Kristen Bronson

    Waitress (uncredited)


  • Douglas Bunn

    Douglas Bunn

    Naboo Guard (uncredited)


  • Caine


    The Courier (uncredited)


  • David John Clark

    David John Clark

    Starfreighter Security Officer (uncredited)


  • Natalie Danks-Smith

    Natalie Danks-Smith

    Hand Maiden (uncredited)


  • Russell Darling

    Russell Darling

    Coruscant Starfreighter Passenger (uncredited)


  • Justin Dix

    Justin Dix

    Dixon Just (uncredited)

    (Costume & Make-Up)

  • Eliana Dona

    Eliana Dona

    Kell Borean (uncredited)


  • C. Michael Easton

    C. Michael Easton

    Bus Driver (uncredited)

    (Visual Effects)

  • Nicole Fantl

    Nicole Fantl

    Senator Lexi Dio (uncredited)


  • Sandi Finlay

    Sandi Finlay

    Sly Moore (uncredited)


  • Stephen George

    Stephen George

    Senator Ronet Coorr (uncredited)


  • Zuraya Hamilton

    Zuraya Hamilton

    Jedi Khatt Qiyn (uncredited)


  • Hilton Howson

    Hilton Howson

    Toonbuck Toora (uncredited)


  • Jesse Jensen

    Jesse Jensen

    Saesee Tiin - Arena Sequences (uncredited)


  • Fiona Johnson

    Fiona Johnson

    Hayde Gofai (uncredited)


  • Sara Elizabeth Joyce

    Sara Elizabeth Joyce

    Dex's Diner Bounty Hunter (uncredited)


  • Luke Kearney

    Luke Kearney

    Jedi (uncredited)


  • Nalini Krishan

    Nalini Krishan

    Barriss Offee (uncredited)


  • Gillian Libbert

    Gillian Libbert

    Lillea Bringbit (uncredited)


  • Amanda Lucas

    Amanda Lucas

    Adnama (uncredited)


  • Jett Lucas

    Jett Lucas

    Zett Jukassa (uncredited)


  • Katie Lucas

    Katie Lucas

    Lunae Minx (uncredited)


  • Liam Neeson

    Liam Neeson

    Qui-Gon Jinn (archive sound) (uncredited)


  • Daniel Perrott

    Daniel Perrott

    Coruscant Club Patron & Rodian Refugee (uncredited)


  • Ian Roberts

    Ian Roberts

    Ganwick Trag (uncredited)


  • Kyle Rowling

    Kyle Rowling

    Joclad Danva (uncredited)


  • Joseph Jett Sally

    Joseph Jett Sally

    Sephjet Josall (uncredited)


  • Juan Luis Sanchez

    Juan Luis Sanchez

    Temple Jedi (uncredited)


  • Mike Savva

    Mike Savva

    Naboo Cruiser Officer (uncredited)


  • Kevin Scott

    Kevin Scott

    Tatooine Resident (uncredited)

    (Visual Effects)

  • Zeynep Selcuk

    Zeynep Selcuk

    Zey Nep (uncredited)


  • Orli Shoshan

    Orli Shoshan

    Shaak Ti (uncredited)


  • Richard Stride

    Richard Stride

    Clone Trooper (uncredited)


  • Leonard L. Thomas

    Leonard L. Thomas

    Roth-Del Masona - Arena Jedi (uncredited)


  • Trevor Tighe

    Trevor Tighe

    Civ Sila (uncredited)


  • Christopher Truswell

    Christopher Truswell

    Rune Haako / Shu Mai / San Hill / Wat Tambor / Sun Fac (voice) (uncredited)


  • Ian Watkin

    Ian Watkin

    COO-2180 (uncredited)


  • R. Christopher White

    R. Christopher White

    Clone War Jedi (uncredited)

    (Visual Effects)

  • Matthew Wood

    Matthew Wood

    Magaloof / Seboca (voice) (uncredited)


  • Matt Sloan

    Matt Sloan

    Plo Koon

    (Visual Effects)

  • Emma Howard

    Emma Howard

    Sar Labooda (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






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