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Tender Mercies

Tender Mercies

His struggle for fame was over. His fight for respect was just beginning.

Alchoholic former country singer Mac Sledge makes friends with a young widow and her son. The friendship enables him to find inspiration to resume his career.

Release Date : 02 Apr, 1983
Duration : 1h 32m
Drama Music Romance
Vote Average : 6.628 Vote Count : 94 Popularity : 9.63

Top Billed Casting

  • Robert Duvall

    Robert Duvall

    Mac Sledge


  • Tess Harper

    Tess Harper

    Rosa Lee


  • Betty Buckley

    Betty Buckley



  • Wilford Brimley

    Wilford Brimley



  • Ellen Barkin

    Ellen Barkin

    Sue Anne


  • Allan Hubbard

    Allan Hubbard



  • Lenny Von Dohlen

    Lenny Von Dohlen



  • Paul Gleason

    Paul Gleason



  • Michael Crabtree

    Michael Crabtree

    Lewis Menefee


  • Norman Bennett

    Norman Bennett

    Reverend Hotchkiss


  • Andrew Scott Hollon

    Andrew Scott Hollon



  • Helena Humann

    Helena Humann

    Woman in Store


  • Rick Murray

    Rick Murray

    Jake - Slater Mill Boys Member


  • Stephen Funchess

    Stephen Funchess

    Bertie - Slater Mill Boys Member


  • Glen Fleming

    Glen Fleming

    Steve - Slater Mill Boys Member


  • James Aaron

    James Aaron

    Henry - Slater Mill Boys Member


  • Jerry Biggs

    Jerry Biggs

    Man in Bar


  • Sheila Bird

    Sheila Bird



  • Robert E. Blackburn III

    Robert E. Blackburn III

    Boy at Dance


  • Eli Cummins

    Eli Cummins



  • Tony Frank

    Tony Frank

    Man at Motel


  • Barkley H. Garrett

    Barkley H. Garrett

    Man at Dixie's House


  • Suzanne Jacobs

    Suzanne Jacobs



  • Barbara Jones

    Barbara Jones

    Country Woman


  • Jerry Jones

    Jerry Jones

    Country Man


  • Harlan Jordan

    Harlan Jordan



  • Robert P. Kelley

    Robert P. Kelley



  • Ray LePere

    Ray LePere

    Man in Bar / Restaurant


  • Pat Minter

    Pat Minter

    Man at Dixie's House


  • Terry Schoolcraft

    Terry Schoolcraft

    Ada - Dixie's Driver


  • Oliver Seale

    Oliver Seale

    Man at Dixie's House


  • Denise Simek

    Denise Simek



  • Robert Stewart

    Robert Stewart



  • Susan Aston

    Susan Aston

    Woman at Dance


  • Vicki Neff

    Vicki Neff

    Woman at Dance


  • Pamela Putnam

    Pamela Putnam

    Woman at Dance


  • Jerry Abbot

    Jerry Abbot

    Piano - Country Blues Band Member


  • Bobby Hibbitts

    Bobby Hibbitts

    Drums - Country Blues Band Member


  • Buddie Hrabal

    Buddie Hrabal

    Steel Guitar - Country Blues Band Member


  • Jerry Matheny

    Jerry Matheny

    Guitar - Country Blues Band Member


  • Wyane Milligan

    Wyane Milligan

    Bass - Country Blues Band Member


  • Don 'Tex' Clark

    Don 'Tex' Clark

    Bar Patron (uncredited)


  • Joe Zadwick

    Joe Zadwick

    Front Row Concert Attendee (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America





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