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Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

It's nothing personal.

Set ten years after the events of the original, James Cameron’s classic sci-fi action flick tells the story of a second attempt to get the rid of rebellion leader John Connor, this time targeting the boy himself. However, the rebellion has sent a reprogrammed terminator to protect Connor.

Release Date : 03 Jul, 1991
Duration : 2h 17m
Action Thriller Science Fiction
Vote Average : 8.11 Vote Count : 12,146 Popularity : 72.203

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$ 102,000,000


$ 520,000,000


A review by zag

Written by zag on 20 Feb, 2017

Terminator 2 is basically one of the greatest films of all time, its an absolute must watch if you like Science Fiction, Action, or even Comedy films. It could have been so bad, but the film somehow pulls it off with crazy stunts, an amazing cast and a great story. The film really tackles the fa...

A review by Gimly

Written by Gimly on 20 Mar, 2020

While I am in that minority which believes it is actually the first _Terminator_ movie which is the best of the franchise, don't let that for one minute convince you I don't absolutely love _Judgement Day_. It's honestly pretty crazy to me how just bonkers good these first two _Terminator_ movies ar...

A review by Kamurai

Written by Kamurai on 29 Jul, 2020

Great watch, will watch again, and can recommend. This is everything the original was turned up one notch. Now Arnold is a caring unfeeling robot, and we missed a whole movie where Sarah Connor went hard into training. This has twists, escapes, a liquid terminator, better special and practica...

A review by GenerationofSwine

Written by GenerationofSwine on 12 Jan, 2023

So, it is time to review the last good Terminator movie. When T3 came out, I swear that people forgot it was even released... but at least it felt like it belonged in the Terminator franchise. When Salvation dropped, it felt like it fit as well, but it was an MCG film, so it also felt like Ter...

A review by BryceSpencer

Written by BryceSpencer on 29 Jan, 2023

Behold what we like to call the Greatest Action Movie Ever Made, and for good reason. For me this sits without a doubt as one of the best movies (and movie sequels) I've ever seen. The action scenes, action set pieces, practical (and visual) effects are truly incredible for their time and still hold...

A review by CinemaSerf

Written by CinemaSerf on 30 Aug, 2023

I'm never really a fan of kids in movies, but Edward Furlong turns in some attitude here with his performance as the ten year old "John Connor". Turns out that he is the target of the the latest "Skynet" plot to destroy the resistance to their impending world domination (in a worryingly close 2029!)...