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The 6th Day

The 6th Day

Are You Who You Think You Are

Futuristic action about a man who meets a clone of himself and stumbles into a grand conspiracy about clones taking over the world.

Release Date : 17 Nov, 2000
Duration : 2h 3m
Science Fiction Mystery Action
Vote Average : 5.9 Vote Count : 1,630 Popularity : 16.744

Top Billed Casting

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Adam Gibson


  • Michael Rapaport

    Michael Rapaport

    Hank Morgan


  • Tony Goldwyn

    Tony Goldwyn

    Michael Drucker


  • Michael Rooker

    Michael Rooker

    Robert Marshall


  • Sarah Wynter

    Sarah Wynter

    Talia Elsworth


  • Wendy Crewson

    Wendy Crewson



  • Rodney Rowland

    Rodney Rowland

    P. Wiley


  • Terry Crews

    Terry Crews



  • Ken Pogue

    Ken Pogue

    Speaker Day


  • Colin Cunningham

    Colin Cunningham



  • Robert Duvall

    Robert Duvall

    Dr. Griffin Weir


  • Wanda Cannon

    Wanda Cannon

    Katherine Weir


  • Taylor Anne Reid

    Taylor Anne Reid



  • Jennifer Gareis

    Jennifer Gareis

    Virtual Girlfriend


  • Don McManus

    Don McManus

    RePet Salesman


  • Steve Bacic

    Steve Bacic

    Johnny Phoenix


  • Christopher Lawford

    Christopher Lawford

    Police Lieutenant


  • Mark Brandon

    Mark Brandon

    RePet Spokesman


  • Ellie Harvie

    Ellie Harvie



  • Don S. Davis

    Don S. Davis

    Cardinal de la Jolla


  • Chris Cound

    Chris Cound



  • Ben Bass

    Ben Bass



  • Walter von Huene

    Walter von Huene

    Virtual Psychiatrist


  • Robert Clarke

    Robert Clarke

    Zealot #1


  • Michael Budman

    Michael Budman

    Zealot #2


  • Warren Takeuchi

    Warren Takeuchi



  • Claudine Grant

    Claudine Grant



  • Alexandra Castillo

    Alexandra Castillo



  • D. Neil Mark

    D. Neil Mark

    Security Guard


  • Colin Lawrence

    Colin Lawrence

    Security Guard


  • Brian Jensen

    Brian Jensen

    Security Guard


  • Mark Gibbon

    Mark Gibbon

    Security Guard


  • Crawford James

    Crawford James

    Security Guard


  • Hiro Kanagawa

    Hiro Kanagawa

    Team Doctor


  • Peter Kent

    Peter Kent

    Duty Officer


  • Gillian Barber

    Gillian Barber

    Katherine's Doctor


  • Mi-Jung Lee

    Mi-Jung Lee



  • Gerard Plunkett

    Gerard Plunkett



  • Claire Riley

    Claire Riley



  • Andrew McIlroy

    Andrew McIlroy

    Scott Moore


  • Norma Jean Wick

    Norma Jean Wick

    Announcer #1


  • Paul Carson

    Paul Carson

    Announcer #2


  • Graham Andrews

    Graham Andrews

    Cab Driver


  • Benita Ha

    Benita Ha



  • Andrea Libman

    Andrea Libman

    SimPal Cindy (voice)


  • Gavin Buhr

    Gavin Buhr

    Security Guard (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






A review by John Chard

Written by John Chard on 12 Apr, 2014

If you really believe that then you should clone yourself while you're still alive. Vilified when it was released, one of the small handful of films that came at the end of Arnold Schwarzenegger's film career before he went into politics, The 6th Day, it was argued, was a good cause for Arnold to...

A review by Gimly

Written by Gimly on 28 Dec, 2019

_The 6th Day_ is a **great** title for a movie about man-made lifeforms. The movie never really lives up to that, I 100% understand the criticisms it received when it was released, but I actually did enjoy watching it. _Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it ...