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The Adam Project

The Adam Project

Past meets future.

After accidentally crash-landing in 2022, time-traveling fighter pilot Adam Reed teams up with his 12-year-old self on a mission to save the future.

Release Date : 11 Mar, 2022
Duration : 1h 46m
Adventure Science Fiction
Vote Average : 7.081 Vote Count : 3,165 Popularity : 120.428

Top Billed Casting

  • Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan Reynolds

    Adam Reed


  • Walker Scobell

    Walker Scobell

    Young Adam


  • Mark Ruffalo

    Mark Ruffalo

    Louis Reed


  • Jennifer Garner

    Jennifer Garner

    Ellie Reed


  • Zoe Saldaña

    Zoe Saldaña



  • Catherine Keener

    Catherine Keener

    Maya Sorian


  • Alex Mallari Jr.

    Alex Mallari Jr.



  • Braxton Bjerken

    Braxton Bjerken

    Ray Dollarhyde


  • Kasra Wong

    Kasra Wong



  • Lucie Guest

    Lucie Guest

    Young Sorian Body Double


  • Donald Sales

    Donald Sales

    Paul the Bartender


  • Esther Ming Li

    Esther Ming Li



  • Ben Wilkinson

    Ben Wilkinson



  • Milo Shandel

    Milo Shandel



  • Isaiah Haegert

    Isaiah Haegert

    8-year-old Adam




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America




A review by Benzasayz

Written by Benzasayz on 22 Mar, 2022

The Adam Project is a sci-fi movie that takes you on a wild, CGI-filled flight that is out of this world-with futuristic technology that makes you excited but also afraid of what could come, The sci-fi elements look so realistic - as realistic as those can be - that it gives the impression that the ...

A review by

Written by on 28 Mar, 2022

**Full Analysis at** - **Intro** - Released in March 2022, The Adam Project is a movie for those who love Sci-Fi, actions, CGI, and those who wish to change their past to let any regrets disappear. The Adam Project delivers a combination of funny entertainment and some meaningful mess...

A review by RADIO1'S MR. MOVIE!-MAD AMI 🌠

Written by RADIO1'S MR. MOVIE!-MAD AMI 🌠 on 22 Apr, 2022

**" BACK -{ FROM }- THE FUTURE 🌠 "** A Netflix **-{ MINI }-** Review... Film Seen around March 27, 2022. It -{ ISN'T }- "very likely" to be released in Cinemas.( Made For STREAMING ). ______________________________________________________ Ellie { Young Adam's Mom }: "This's the third tim...

A review by Nathan

Written by Nathan on 08 Jul, 2022

Despite having shades of _Back to the Future_, _The Adam Project_ finds a way to pave its own path to deliver a fun and heartwarming story about self-forgiveness. The movie starts incredibly strong, introducing the viewer to the main characters. The chemistry between the two actors is fantastic and ...

A review by mooney240

Written by mooney240 on 20 Aug, 2022

**Overall : Its sincere story results in one of Netflix's better original movies.** A surprisingly heartfelt film that shocked me with how well it made me care for each of its characters. I watched this movie with low expectations due to Netflix's disappointing track record of mediocre original m...

A review by [robbie grawey]

Written by [robbie grawey] on 13 Sep, 2022

Ruffalo says “old bean”, good stuff....